6 comments on “Radish Recommends: Moonshade Pools, N.A.

  1. Delighted to see so many dimensioneers featured here. Gratz on the mentions and you’ve all done a terrific job!

    • I am so happy and blown away that u would highlight my dim ‘the enchanted pools’ thankyou so much!

  2. These are so good! I love Moonshade Pools so much and it has been awesome visiting and seeing what people have done with it! I have plans for my second Moonshade and will begin working on it soon! Thanks for another great article!

  3. Thank you for showing my work Miss Radish! The Dimension “LIFE” design by Daallinii is now completed. Please stop by whenever you want. And please, continue here your excellent work! This blog is not only a reference in the crafters Community, but a constant inspiration!
    – Daallinii

  4. Wow Radish thank you so much! Glad you liked it so much, there are just so many great Moonshade Pools out there I’m proud to be a part of them =D


  5. Color me surprised! Thank you so much for including Ancient Splendors here. People have done such great things with this dimension, it’s a great feeling to be put on this list.

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