Want to know what Radish creates in a dimension?  Here’s a list of dimensions I have built for myself, guilds and in collaboration with others.

Radish Dimensions

Sweet Valentine:  owned by Toefluff, currently on Deepwood.  Built for Valentine’s Day,  February 2013, this is the earliest surviving Radish dimension.  It is built using the first set of dimension items released with the Storm Legion expansion and the Fae Yule following Storm Legion’s release.

Love Is In The Air:  owned by Radish, currently on Greybriar.  Built for the Valentine’s contest, Take My Breath Away, March 2015.  My idea was to have a kissing couple in a balloon above a miniture landscape, a play on perspective.

The Hanging Gardens of Radylon: owned by Bumradish, currently on Greybriar.  Built for the Radical Botanical Competition, January 2017.  This dimension concentrates heavily on creating realistic and accurate plant life.  Of the 2530 items in this dimension, 1800 or so are plants.

There’s Always A Queue: owned by Radishing, currently on Greybriar.  This was an entry in the Let’s Go Out Today contest.  It’s a one line joke about seldom appreciated public spaces :).

Guild Dimensions

Silky Venom Guild Hall:  owned by Silky Venom, currently on Greybriar.  My ongoing project.  I keep changing bits and pieces so every visit is likely to find something under construction.

Grand Illusions :  owned by Empires, currently on Hailol.  This was the first level 25 guild leveled in Rift, and the first Halls of Shaping.  Feendish and I collaborated on this dimension, each having around 2500 items each.  Feendish built much of the grand structure while I built the smaller scenes and people inhabiting her grand design.

After this guild imploded, the dimension was shut down by the guild master and is no longer available for touring.


Hammerknell Haven:  Owned by  Consortium, currently on Zaviel.   Initially, Hammerknell Haven was my baby.  I asked Lils to make me some animals for the forest scene, which resulted in rabbits, deer and a fox.  After I’d finished building, Seyler added her work to the dimension.   It makes for an interesting mix.  Can you tell which is my work and which is Seyler’s?


Dwarven Retreat: owned by Syle@Deepwood.  My mate, Ktar being the dwarf that he is, built a nice big log cabin for hunting trips and gatherings.  He needed a little decorating on the lower half to make it more a cabin than a meeting place.  I stepped in to put the finer details in place and make it habitable.

Defunct Radish Dimensions

Merry Christmas, Greybriar:  Destroyed to reuse the dimension and don’t I kick myself for that now!  This dimension later became Sweet Valentine.