9 comments on “Why I No Longer Play Rift

  1. sad day for dimensions you will be missed but im guessing ill find ya in landmark )thank you for all you did for us dimensioneers.i understand were ya comming from though as i have not been on the game for some time and dont see myself on it much anymore.with that i say three cheers for radish hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hip hip hooray

    ktar the drunken dwarf

    • Nice to hear from you, KT. I’ll confess the title is a little (OK, a lot) misleading. It’s really about how, even though I’m playing Rift to build dimensions, I’m not playing the rest of the game because Trion have provided little reason to.

      I suspect I am on my way out. If Landmark is as good as it looks, especially if my much beloved dimension community and guild moves there, I’ll be playing that instead of Rift.

      However, till Landmark proves itself, I will continue to be involved in the dimensions community and dimension building. That part of Rift, at least, is too much fun.

      When are we catching up for another chat?

  2. well ya know ive been wacthing landmark fer a while now waiting on the edge of my seat like a kid at the window of the candy store waiting for it to open).

  3. I understand completely. My fiancee bought me sims because I have been so sad that i cant just build when I want to any more. I dont have the means to buy credits with rl cash and I am burnt out of farming plat for 10 hours a day. I raid and I pvp so I have lots of other reasons to be in rift but my favorite thing I have to be so very careful when I am doing it that it just isn’t as fun. I do try to use all the old items way more than new ones. I love the new ones I really really do but they are just to high of a cost for me and my life.
    I feel the same way about summerfest . I was very very disappointed we didn’t get sandcastles, beach chairs, towels , umbrellas, balls, pails and shovels, seashells, star fish, etc. Though very relived because the currency was to hard to get.

  4. I think the title is apt. I was talking with a friend just the other day about how 2.3 changed the way I play Rift.

    Because I can acquire whatever I need from the store (including a place to sell trash), I no longer need to be near the vendors in TB. Because the store has old items as well as new, I am no longer out in the world fishing for loot. Because the store has many more options than those available before 2.3, I no longer visit the rep quartermasters for dimension items.

    The bottom line being that I’m spending 85% of my game time building dimensions, 10% of my time on crafting dailies and that leaves about 5% to play Rift. Weird and kind of sad.

  5. I too am so very disappointed at the summerfest event as well. Items were so expensive and the grind was very time consuming if you wanted a ring and pet. I’d hate to think of the cost for a summerfest dimension item would have been but I would have grinded those tokens for them. I bailed on the event after one day. I cant say I’m any happier with how the lower level event that’s happening now is panning out either. No dimension items, don’t drop any event loot more than 1/2 the time and 1/4 of the time wont even drop the correct shards on a mentored down toon. So much fail recently.

  6. I like the look of that. I worked a lot in map creation/editing with Unreal Editor a few years back. Landmark looks to be the closest to that. Comparing power against what any other in-game editors have. A nice balance.
    All excited over a 14 second vid. I need a cigarette and a shower.

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