Valentine’s Day 2013: Winner, Dragondancer

The theme for the first Dimensions Challenge 2013 was “Valentine’s Day, a day for evoking feelings of romance, love, desire and devotion”.  There were four excellent entrants for the Challenge but the dimension that most represented the theme was  ‘The Proposal’ by Dragondancer@Icewatch. I took this opportunity to interview Dragondancer, so lets get to know our Valentine winner a little better.

Dimension Building

The study is my favorite room, I'd love to have a study like this.

The study is quiet and serene with only the burbling of fish to disturb the silence.

I am not an artist by training, I just love creating things.  When I get a new dimension I first walk round it and ideas just pop into my head, from a volcano in a lake to a giant chess set when walking round Vengeful Sky.   The ideas seem to expand and take on a life of their own.

I started morphing when I was building my first dimension, Granny’s Pantry, on day one of the expansion.   It just came natural to me, when faced with building the fleece for the spinning wheel by sinking fur beds into the floor and trying to create a dining table where everyone had just rushed off to raid.  At this point I knew I was hooked, how I ever got my raiding character ready on time is beyond me.

I seem to somehow see an object in 3D and know how it will look morphed into something else  By placing an item in a dimension and twirling it around for a bit, which I do with every item,  I get a  sort of a 3D catalogue in my memory.

I love adding touches of humor to my dimensions and secret places for people to discover.  I’ve just got a website so I am hoping to do a few Morphing pics and what went into making them like the pair of glasses on the book in Restoring Necropolis.

The bedroom is lush and rich, perfect for inspiring passion.

The bedroom is lush and rich, perfect for inspiring passion.

Water is always romantic, and this pool is no exception.

Water is always romantic, and this pool is no exception.


The Proposal

I made The Proposal specifically for the competition.  I had run out of dimensions so I hijacked one of my hubby’s alts.  I loved making the Proposal, it became very dear to my heart as I proceed with it and took on a persona of its own.

The proposal took three full days plus a few hours  to build, about 53 hours in total.  My inspiration came from thinking of Valentines Day, all the people single on that day and how so many put their careers first till about 30 and then try to start a family or relationship.  I tried to imagine I was a successful business owner, dealing in antique books, who through his work had met the love of his life and what he would do to prepare his home for Valentines.

The Lobster is made from red dragon scales sitting on an upside down enoki algae plant.   The statue is called The Hug and was meant to be a symbol of the bachelor’s longing for love and a statement that any true love is wonderful between any two beings, whatever or whoever they may be, hence the different textures and colours.

Centrepiece of the dimension, the table holds a feast for the eyes.

Centrepiece of the dimension, the table holds a feast for the eyes.

A hug represents so many emotions; love, devotion, passion, comfort, friendship.  'The Proposal' by Victorienna@Icewatch

A hug represents so many emotions; love, devotion, passion, comfort, friendship. ‘The Proposal’ by Victorienna@Icewatch

Dragondancer The Person

I’m 56 years old and a real life granny, disabled with Multiple Sclerosis and a severe form of Psoriasis which affects the joints (not that I let that stop me).   I play Rift with a programmable pad and a trackball and I’m the fastest one finger typist in the EU.

I’ve always loved creating things so when dimensions came out I dived in on day one.  I’m definitely a dimension addict, I ran out of characters to make dimensions on so I now have 2 accounts and steal my hubbies’ alts dimension slots.  Its a wonderful thing to do when my hands are not up to PVE, I can just go create instead.

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Dragondancer Dimensions on Icewatch, EU

Details like this picture of a lighthouse painted with dimension items makes The Proposal a special place.

Details like this picture of a lighthouse, painted with dimension items, makes The Proposal a special place.

Dragondancer: Elegance Art Gallery
Developed from my love of morphing things, this dimension is a two floor art gallery,

Shadowdance: Granny’s Pantry

My first dimension, designed to be a comfort zone for friends to relax in.

Arwenna: Volcano Lake
A volcano with a secret house inside and dragon eggs in the top, a giant chess set and underwater garden with a crystal cave.

Amazonite: Dragoneye Tower
The Spooky Tower and gardens with experiments in animating things, lots of surprises and a drink at the top of the tower to steady your nerves.

Victorienna: The Proposal
Made for The Stylish Radish Valentine’s competition.

Black Pantheon(1 man Guild): Lilacs Castle
Happy how my 3 leaf dragons in the courtyard turned out (don’t forget to look up for the third on the rock)

Dimensioneer: Fairy Tales and Legends

Started as a challenge by a guildy friend to make a Gingerbread House, became a personal challenge to create Hansel and Gretel and the witch inside, which then lead on too the climbable beanstalk and giant with golden egg laying goose at the top, Red Riding Hood, The Willow Pattern, The Wizard of Oz, Rip vann Winkle, Tom Thumb and Thumbelina’s miniature house, The Leprechaun and pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, with more to come.

Lilacia: Restoring Necropolis
Attempting to restore inside the building to somewhat of its former glory and use all the darn boats I’ve fished up.  Complete with its own defense system to defend from the shapers.


3 comments on “Valentine’s Day 2013: Winner, Dragondancer

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  2. Love this feature post about how The Proposal came together. Congratz Dragondancer and please continue to build awesome dimensions!

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