One Perfect Spring Day 2013: Class 2 Winner, Lils

The goddess, Flora, awakens to herald the return of spring.

The goddess, Flora, awakens to herald the return of spring.

One Perfect Spring Day was the theme for the Spring 2013 challenge.  Our challengers built their dimensions based on the line, “From early spring with snow still on the ground, the first signs of life struggling to emerge, to the warm, sunny days of late spring”.  Seven contestants battled it out for first place in the Class 2 section, and were judged on use of space, items and adherence to the theme.  Dimensioneer Lils was granted first place for her dimension “Flora Awakened”.

Flora Awakened

Flora is the roman goddess of flowers and spring.  She arises to herald the retreat of winter and is a fitting subject for a perfect spring day. I took the opportunity to ask Lils a few questions about her dimension.

When asked how long her dimension took to build, Lils replied ‘Somewhere between 16 to 24 hours. Although, most of that time was redoing things I didn’t like, and trying out ideas.  My favourite part of the dimension?  Right after exiting the log tunnel.  When you’re assaulted with a burst of light and life from every angle.  I can almost hear the frogs croaking, insects buzzing, birds chirping, and the water splashing with life.”

People are going to ask where did you get your inspiration, so did you have a specific source for yours?

“It took me awhile to get inspired for this one. I’m usually pretty overwhelmed with ideas and things I want to do.  But since I had already done “Springing to Life” earlier this year, I felt like that theme had been exhausted for me.  I knew I wanted to use the Bogling Boggle dimension as the backdrop, since it’s so full of a life of it’s own, and very bright.”

“After playing around with, and discarding a few ideas, I just started making animals and flowers, and thinking about the essence of spring.  I’ve always been fascinated with mythology, so I started thinking about different cultures, and their gods and goddesses that personified spring, flowers, animals, and Life.  Flora fit the bill for the imagery that spring conjures for me, so I set to creating her and her host of flora and fauna.”

Spring awaits on the other side of the tunnel.

Spring awaits on the other side of the tunnel.

What was the hardest part of your dimension to do?

“Other than figuring out what I wanted to do? Flora herself.  It was extremely hard to get the angles right on all her parts so she didn’t poke out anywhere.  Also I had to completely redo her about 3 times, due to her being too small to convey much presence.”

“I really just hope people enjoy my dimension.  While I’m so delighted that I won, I feel it’s more important to me that I can be part of such a great community.   I don’t feel the need to be the best, but I do like to try my best and hope the end result is appreciated.  To me, it’s good enough to be able to share my ideas with others and have them share theirs with me.  I feel like when people are feeding off of each other creatively, truly great things can be accomplished that might never had been if we all worked in a vacuum.”

What was your first experience with dimensions and your first dimension finished?

“Oh, that old thing only exists on the Public Test Shard at this time.   It’s called “Crystal Reef Refugium” and it was my attempt at a fusion of Rift, my past hobby of reef keeping, and a floating crystal palace. It wasn’t great, but I loved it at the time.   I’m just glad I found toolbox after that little creation.”

“I got a late start in the dimension game, even though it was one of the main features I was looking forward to with Storm Legion.  I was trying to level to 60 as quickly as possible so I could raid with my guild.  I knew that if I started before 60, I’d get too sucked in to be of use to my guild.  Anyway, because of that and other delays due to real life, I didn’t actually get to start my first dimension until the same time they announced the Joy of Dimensions competition.  Needless to say, that was a tough scene to break into without much dimension playtime under my belt.”

When you build your dimensions are you a planner, thinking everything through first, or an opportunist, sticking things in and seeing what works?

“Mostly an opportunist, although it changes all the time.  Most the time I have a vague idea or theme in mind of what I want to do.  Then I’ll just go in and play around until it fits together.”

“Sometimes I have a very specific plan, and even know the items I want to use to accomplish it, before I start working.  Though, even with a plan, I’ll change it up more times than not, mid build.   Sometimes, I have no idea what I want to do.  I just like a dimension area and want to build there.  Then, I will just go in there with a bag full of items and start messing around and getting a feel for it until something hits me.”

Flowers bloom as insects buzz.

Flowers bloom as insects buzz.

How did you get started in morphing?

“Actually, I started morphing from the beginning, before I even knew there was a term for it. My fish, clam, and furniture in my first dimension are still fairly decent examples, in my opinion.”

Do you have a natural eye for which part of an object will work in the picture or do you spend hours turning objects to find the perfect surface?

“I like to think I have an natural eye for it, but I still spend a lot of time playing with objects to see them in a new light. For me, morphing is just natural when building in dimensions. I look at every item kind of like a blob of paint, with the dimension as my canvas. Sometimes that paint just happens to have a very ugly boat attached to it that you have to figure out how to cover up with the other blobs of paint.”

Are you an artist by training and if so in what media?

” I am, though I got to admit…I’ve been spending most my creative time on dimension work lately than anything substantial in real life.”

“I try not to limit myself to one media, and I’m always looking to learn a new style and grow my skills and creativity in new ways. That being said, what I do best  is painting, drawing, and pyrography. Sculpting is probably close behind those. I do mostly mixed media work these days.”

What experience have you had with other forms of player housing?

“The only other in-game housing I’ve had experience with was in EQ2, many years ago. I played that game up until the Rise of Kunark expansion, and played with the housing system pretty avidly.”

“As a system, I’d have to go with Rift. The controls for EQ2 housing drove me insane at times. While there’s plenty of room for improvement in Rifts dimension UI, it has rarely made me want to pull out my hair. I really love(d) both systems though.”

Animals hidden in the greenery guard over the goddess.

Animals hidden in the greenery guard over the goddess.

The person behind the dimensioneer – what would you like readers to know about you as a person?  

“Hmm, let’s see…Fall is my favorite time of year. My favorite color is blue, although I have a weakness for orange, green, and gray. Lol,  I don’t think I’m doing this right. Feel free to leave this out or ask me any specifics ;)”

“I can’t say enough how grateful I am for such a fun and wonderful community. I really appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us to connect better through competitions like this.  I sincerely hope we don’t lose that to future changes.  The Rift Dimension Community has been one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to be part of.   I look forward to getting to know more of you and all the builds and events to come.”

What do you like to do in game when not dimensioning?

“Well, I used to love raiding and parsing, and trying to improve my character for PVE. Also doing World Events. Occasionally I PVP, but I’m not very good at it, and hate feeling like a weak link.”

“I mostly spend my time in dimensions now. Either building new dimensions, touring others’ builds, farming or fishing for dimension items, or trying to replenish my plat for the next build. It doesn’t really leave a lot of time for anything else.”

Of all your dimensions, which is your favourite and why?

“Hmm, I don’t know if I can pick. I love them all for very different reasons. If I have to, I’ll say “Dusk Bloom Manor”. It may not be my best work, but the feeling and mood I get when I’m in there puts me in harmony with myself…if that makes any sense. It may not be as tranquil as “The Snow Lotus”, but I think it mirrors my inner style more than the rest.”

Lils’ Dimensions

Explore every nook and cranny, for you never know what you might find.

Explore every nook and cranny, for you never know what you might find.


The Snow Lotus by Lils.

Haunted House on Hailol by Lils.

Crystal Reef Refugium by Lils.

Maritime Theatre by Lillil.

Dusk Bloom Manor by Maddori.

Sindoll’s Carnival by Sindoll.

Flora Awakened by Ahra.

Castle of Ash and Ember by Reborn Destiny (Former Guild’s Hall that my alt now owns).

Stone Flask Tavern by Joearoaress  (My friends dimension, that he owns but I built, on Greybriar)


Bright Lights by Lils


Robots Will KILL! by Lilibit


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  1. Thank you again, Radish! Great competition and blogging as always. Hope I’m not too long winded for your readers 😉

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