One Perfect Spring Day 2013: Class 1 Winner, Mordrahan

A kelari spirit invites itself to breakfast.

A kelari spirit invites itself to breakfast.

One Perfect Spring Day was the theme for the Spring 2013 challenge.  Our challengers built their dimensions based on the line, “From early spring with snow still on the ground, the first signs of life struggling to emerge, to the warm, sunny days of late spring”.  Four contestants entered the Class 2 section, and were judged on use of space, items and adherence to the theme.  Dimensioneer Mordrahan was granted first place for her dimension “Kelari Spirit”.

“Kelari Spirit” by Asri@Brisesol embodied all aspects of good design.  The dimension stuck to Mordrahan’s stated theme of mischievous spirits, with appalling table manners, inviting themselves to breakfast.  All the little scenes, from the shrine to the house, were visually linked together with plants, forming a stage for the action.  The dimension felt like a natural environment.

I sent a few questions off to Mordrahan and this is the result.  Mordrahan on:

The Winning Dimension

It took me a week to build this. Very quick (on my standards).  The hardest thing was to find an idea. I wanted to do a scene, and I found the theme while wandering on Ember Island. I fish a lot, and when I saw these kelari houses, I knew I had found a way to use all these boats.

So I first built the house with the boats, and because the dim had a shrine I made a kelari shrine… and a kelari shrine needs spirits around so I put the spirits in, and the funny thing was born.   The hardest part was filling the space in an harmonious way.

Other Dimensions

View from the house.

View from the house.

My first dim was Shoreward island on my main character Mordrahan, and it is not finished yet, because I just had it done before 2.3.  Now with the cash shop and limit update I am changing many things. I am very slow in building most of the time.

I love my garden, (Jardin Zen@Brisesol) because I built it to relax, I love my island because the place has a Role Play story and is beautiful, and I love Kelari spirit because it was fun to do.  I would say Shoreward Island is my favourite place.  I plan to build in Crucia’s room when I get it.

On Morphing

I usually get an precise idea of the things I want to do, but I try things on the way, and use them if they please me.  I spend hours turning and switching. Thanks to the many artists out there in the dimensional world, I have found many ideas in other dims. I don’t think I would have tried to do “paintings” and pure art if I had not seen Dragondancer’s gallery, for example. I didn’t think it was possible to do things like that.

Player Housing

Kelari shrines attract kelari spirits.  Wonder what that does to the property value?

Kelari shrines attract kelari spirits. Wonder what that does to the property value?

RIFT is my first experience in housing design. I love this system, it is sort of a mix between LEGO and the level design I did in Neverwinter Nights and other old games.
I found RIFT to be a very complete game for me, and I like playing every aspect of the game. I spend many hours just wandering in the game world to search for shinies and look at the stunning landscapes, I raid sometimes, I roleplay with my guild, and of course I build my dimensions. My main dim is a space dedicated to the RP side of my character Mordrahan, so I am building a complete laboratory in it now with every cool tech the shop sells.

The Person

I’m a 49 old woman, a fantasy reader and a former table roleplayer.

Mordrahan’s Dimensions

Kelari Spirit by Asri@Brisesol

Jardin Zen by Sadar@Brisesol

Tour De Mage Et Villa by Mordrahan@Brisesol (work in progress).


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