Dimensions Challenge 2013

Welcome to the Dimensions Challenge 2013 home page.  This contains all the information on Better Homes and Dimensions Challenge Series for 2013.

One Perfect Spring Day.

The current Dimensions Challenge is to build One Perfect Spring Day.  It could be early spring with snow still lying on the ground, the first signs of life struggling to emerge or the warm, sunny days of late spring with flowers in full blossom.  Closing date for entry is 15th of May.  Dimensions must open on or between the 16th to the 20th of May and remain open at least until the 5th of June.  As for the Valentine’s Day Challenge,  the competition involves two classes of challenge, Class 1 – 200 item limit, and Class 2 – 500 item limit.


Rules for the Challenge can be found here.  It is your responsibility to read the rules.  If you are uncertain about a rule, contact thestylishradish for clarification.

Future Challenges.

Previous Winners.

Valentine’s Day: ‘The Proposal’ by Dragondancer

Previous Challenges.


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