3 comments on “Spelunking For Fun And Profit

  1. Glad you are having fun in the caves! My game locks up every time I enter one, lol. Sometimes locking out my whole computer resulting in a force shut down, because CTRL ALT DEL won’t elicit a response. 😦 Ah well, I suppose I will stay away from them for now. Oh I am finally getting used to the new smoothing tool. Luckily it didn’t mess up my oriental roofing at all :). Hope the crashing doesn’t continue at the surface, though I do have to deal with abysmal fps now. Crossing my fingers that they do some good optimizations soon. I unfortunately had to dock my graphics to medium.

  2. Hugs Radish,just bought Landmark to give it a try, had great fun finding a claim.
    Still waiting for operation but a little better energy wise, now to work out how to use all that stone i just gathered lol
    Hugs and Cookies Dragondancer

    • Glad to hear you’re still doing OK. Landmark is an interesting game. I am looking forward to seeing it all tizzied up and ready for release. Have fun and let me know how to find you ingame.

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