2 comments on “Caves On Monday!

  1. Ah, the ever elusive ‘caves’. Hey Radish it’s me Lumenoua. I must say I am not too fond of the smooth tool improvements, Especially since I was finally getting used to curve extraction, and the new tool pretty much dissolved that whole theory, in my opinion. I used to have nice smooth sign boards with an extracted image on them, and when I tried another one last night, now it just gets all bumpy and distorts the sign :(. Hope it doesn’t mess around too much with my oriental roofing, have yet to try it. It is not all bad though, I do like how I can smooth more times before major voxel deletion. Suppose I will have to try and find some new smoothing tool tutorials.

    What are your thoughts on the new tool?

    • I haven’t done enough with the new smoothing tool to know how I feel about it, Lumenoua. I’ll give my opinion in a few days when I’ve tried to make something. I’ll let you know when I’ve given it a proper go.

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