4 comments on “On The Hamster Wheel Of Rift

  1. Hello Radish 😀 How are you? 😀 I hope you arehaving fun in landmark ^_^, i was wondering how you feel about EQNext landmark since it’s also a free to play game? 🙂

    • Hello Yeuo, nice to hear from you.

      It’s too soon to tell about Landmark. The game doesn’t have an economy and the real money transactions don’t impact the game.

      It’s fun right now, I love manipulating voxels, and the fun will only increase as more props and textures are added to the game.

      I sure do hope Landmark does not end up as grindy as Rift. I’d like to think their monetization strategies are more carefully thought out but only time will tell.

  2. Amazing read as always. My wheel got sticky when extra unstable dim items cost 100 lucky coins to 200.Which is 80% more then other dim items. Very limited resource. Or 8 to 16 freaking dollars for a item that I want 10 to 20 for in each build. And the box rate for items is horrendous.

    I dont mind spending real money on building $20 is a nice number 2 rex per build, but at the rate of $50 to $100 a build is just getting to high. These are not wardrobe items or mounts where you buy one item its housing where you buy 5 to 100 per build. I feel bad for anyone wanting blue pillars for a build. I have yet to see anyone get one let alone 4 to 20 for a build and WHOA the cost to try to get them is crazy.

    I am a lover of all things Rift. I was more then happy to tell people how wonderful Rift is. It still has great points so very many great points. However now I give the warning that the cash shop is getting crazy expensive so use your credits carefully .

    Gone are the days where I would ask people for Birthday gifts of cash instead of presents . So I could add it into credits. Right before the boxes came out my fiancee bought into the Archage alpha. So in turn he told me I could get $100 for credits to build with . I told him dont bother since i would be tempted to buy boxes and it was just to big of a gamble. Even if the stuff in the boxes could be bought with credits it would be more then likely priced to high for me to buy them any way.

    I did finish that chart and added it to your forum post

  3. I am still getting used to WordPress, so I only just found this post even though I am following you (I think).

    I left Rift some time ago, after Storm Legion, and after they turned Free to Play. I adored Rift, and had been there since the beta of the game. I invested a lot of my own cash into the game in the form of subscriptions and in-game purchases because I wanted to support the game I so adored. There was so much about Rift that I loved.

    But that changed when their business model changed. I found that Rift’s marketing strategies left a lot to be desired. The cash shop became really invasive to gameplay, not only because you could buy the second highest tier of raid gear from it, but also because the core world events in the game, such as festivals, became so much less about the fun, and more about trying to suck every last coin from player’s rl pockets. Not only items became locked behind the cash store, but also achievements. Festival achievements where, to complete it, you had to have all the items, and the only way of getting many was through a chance box. You got one box from the event (not enough to complete the achievement even if you were lucky) but you could buy other boxes from the store. Not only that, but the world event/festival events notifications in game became advertising podiums for their cash store.

    It was at this point, where normal gameplay was impacted by the cash store in such invasive ways that, despite having clung on to my support of the game, I simply could not stand it any more. To see what Rift had been, and what it had become was too much, because I adored that game. I loved Dimensions, I loved the soul system, I loved the world they had created, but it was all cash store really. Even trying to buy and sell with other players became near impossible with dropping player numbers and a sudden shift to limit the amount of auctions one person could put up to something ridiculously small (if you, like me, had been auctioning artifacts).

    So I left.

    There really is nothing in my blog about Rift, despite having spent over 2 years in the game, absorbed in it with so many hours gameplay behind me. There was nothing in my blog about it because I cared too much about the game, and I had become so bitter about the whole thing. Seeing something you love turn from what you considered wonderful into something that grated on you each day.. I just couldn’t put voice to my thoughts without it becoming a full-blown rant, and that really helps no one.

    But yeah, Rift has issues. It has had issues since the downfall of Defiance that caused such massive cutbacks in staff that led to poor decision-making that the company then stood behind and refused to change. Maybe they were right at the time.. the game is still running. It still does have players, which is actually more than I thought it would be 2.5 years down the line. But it is appealing to new players with deep pockets who want everything now. It was the same back then, because its the short term impulsive players that will bring in the most cash.

    As free to play models go, I consider Rift a failure because its business model and marketing (at least at the time when I still checked on it) are in some ways pay-to-win, and in others making the cash shop very invasive to gameplay, enough that players leave.

    I have played several free-to-play games now, but the business model for something like Guild Wars 2 is far more palatable to me. It seems to be working for them to, not just for new players, but for long term players as well. If I spend money buying things from their store, I feel genuine pleasure at having the item I purchased, not a constant nagging about buying more and more and more that I got from Rift that ultimately sours whatever pleasure I got from the purchase. No matter how much money a player spends in Rift, it always felt like the game, the developers, never felt it was enough and they could just squeeze a little more out of you. I didn’t like that feeling. It didn’t feel like a happy purchase when you have the game breathing down the back of your neck pestering you to buy more things each time you are in game.

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