5 comments on “Oh Prop, Where Art Thou?

  1. I have been fiddling with Wildstar’s housing. It allows you to hook items to each other. The whole system is a bit clunky and unwieldy and definitely doesn’t allow for freestyle creative building like Rift and Landmark. Just pointing out that it DOES let you lock items together.

      • I haven’t messed with it a whole lot. When you reach lvl 14, you are given an easy quest to earn your plot of land in the sky. It has hook points, not super thrilled about that, but it could be ok. You have different house models to choose from and can customize from a whole list to have different roof, different textured walls, etc. You can also get upgrades for your house like porches and such. There is a vendor with a huge variety of things from windows to food. You get rest xp in your house and different items give you more xp earned. One of the really cool things that I like a lot are that you can choose skies and music for your plot. You can have a happy sky which is pastel with a rainbow and clouds, you can have haunted which is creepy and gives your plot a foggy appearance. You can get “kits” that you can put on your hookpoints. There are crafting kits, festival kits, etc. You can make your plot private or public. You can also have “neighbors” and they can use your crafting area and stuff. You can also find decor items from mobs or as rewards for some adventures and quests. There are a lot of things I like about it. Some I am undecided. The headstart for Wildstar is next weekend and they have been really good about listening to feedback and they keep patching. Once the game goes live and I have built something, I will post some screenies and let you know more about how the housing it. Oh, because I pre-ordered, I do get a free house which is only available to those who pre-order. I don’t think Wil.dstar has quite the freedom of customization that Rift and Landmark have but we’ll see how it goes. I loved your stuff in Rift and l;ooks like you are making your mark on Landmark as well! Gorgeous! Kit, are you in Landmark as well? If so, do you have screenshots somewhere of your builds? The two of you could set Landmark on its ear with your artistry! Miss you ladies!

  2. I totally agree Radish I lost 3 orbs when I healed a huge chunk of ground still haven’t found them buggers. And OMG Kumberlin missed you woman

    • Hey you! In case you didn’t see in my reply to Radish, I miss you too and would love to see screenies of your Landmark builds as well! /hugs

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