2 comments on “Voxels Suck, Props Rule!

  1. I completely agree with everything here. I would also like to have that yellow box removed from voxels it is very difficult to maneuver mico voxels with a yellow box surrounding them. I would adore being able to hot bar the movement keys. The main thing I would love to see implemented its being able to pick up and walk with a item and just set it down. It would also be wonderful to select a group of voxels and tell it to not connect to any other surrounding voxel easily.

    I know this is the long beta I hope the controls will become much more manageable very soon . I am having so much fun with the freedom of building cant wait to see how much better it can become.

  2. Yep me too. We are really spoiled by Rift but I think Landmark will eventually get there, especially once addons are allowed.

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