4 comments on “Dwarish Props Are For Dwarves

  1. Have to agree that I am completely spoiled by Rift. I even made a post about it on the forums yesterday. I’ve recently tested 5 games in development with “housing” and none of them can hold a candle to the quality, quantity and level of possibility that is Rift Dimensions.

    I think Landmark will eventually be competitive because of comprehensive possibilities in a voxel environment but until textures and designs are created, Rift has no competition (imo). Pretty amazing that such a big gamble on Trion’s part paid off in such an interesting way.

  2. Have to take back some of what I said up there ^. I hadn’t looked at the screenshot link Radish posted and was pretty blown away by what folks are able to make. Guess I need to spend more time in Landmark to learn the new things they rolled out like microvoxels.

    • New techniques are being discovered all the time and they make a difference to what we can build. Still a few problems to be sorted out, like voxel distortion, but the flexibility is increasing all the time. I can’t wait till props are in and we can get to morphing as well.

      I can see how Landmark can keep us builders happy for months on just one build. with all the detail we can add.

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