4 comments on “One Sour Note

  1. I totally agree with your points. If I were still invested in playing Rift, this sort of thing would make me rage, but I have already come to terms with the messy divorce between myself and Rift.

    The change towards random chance is a change that seems to be inherent in the strategy of Rift devs these days, from lockboxes to ‘world events’ where its only random chance (or paying at the cash shop), and not hard work that gets you mounts or achievements. I won’t start ranting about that again, but know that the rant is there fuming in the back of my mind like a bitter acid.

    There is much about dreamweaving that I am discontent with, and your knowledge of the nature of the dream orbs only confirms more about the craft that is so wrong in my eyes. Other than that, my issues with it are that
    1. It doesn’t tackle the inherent problem with dimensions not being integrated properly into the game, nor the problem that makes them useless other than something shiny to look at.
    2. It makes the process of artifact hunting more difficult by encouraging players to delete .. ahem “salvage” artifacts rather than putting them up for trade, meaning that it is more difficult for players to complete their artifact sets. I think this was likely an intended side effect to take the strain off the auction house since every artifact is a single listing.
    3. I haven’t seen anything in the dimension items that dreamweaving make that made me that excited. You used to be able to do quite a bit with special effect from already available objects without this crafting skill. The list of items just seems really lacking in depth and variety.
    4. Items that used to have special effects, like say a candelabra, still have light, but do not have the animations (or so I have been told), so if you want the animation that used to be on there, you have to add dreamweaving items in addition, which takes up more item count in your dimension massively.
    5. I don’t agree with having item buffs like the ones you mention in your post with a crafting skill that it seems to have nothing to do with. People are only going to level dreamweaving in order to get the item at the end, not for the items that should be the main focus: dimensions.

  2. All my items still have the animation in my dim o_o the only big is the invisible flames ( on torch for isntance) but it’s a bug it doesn’t happens always

  3. Ah okay, I hadn’t actually tested it myself, but a friend told me the other night about the candle thing, since he had 6 candelabra in his dimension, it caused him some annoyance

  4. Sadly, so many people have picked up Dreamweaving, there isn’t even any profit from it now, unless you were one of the lucky ones to level up the profession within an hour or so of it being released, to maximize on the initial surge. The folks selling lights for silver (or keys to Anywhere for 50 plat, or Stained Glass Wall Projections for 7 plat, some very good bargains I was lucky enough to catch) have to know they’re taking a pretty significant loss, and not even the cost of the Dream Orbs can recoup that loss, unless they sell hundreds. I did level this profession, but haven’t sold anything since the first day, because it’s not worth it. I can buy the items I want for less than it costs me to make them and it saves my materials for when the prices in the auction house go back up (as I hope they eventually do).

    An insightful article.

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