One comment on “Dreamweaving An Illusion

  1. Hello Radish,
    We’ve never played together in Rift, I play on the Hailol server. I love reading your posts, though. I enjoy dimensions too but I’m nowhere near as gifted as you are. When I played with Dream Weaver on the open test shard I didn’t think I would bother to level it… but when it came out on the regular servers, I couldn’t resist. I’m actually enjoying leveling it! Even though I have to collect all of the artifacts myself, since I don’t have the plat to buy any, it’s very fun to see the items they’ve created for this profession! I LOVE the falling green motes too, they do add a lot of charm and wonder to an area. I don’t care for the fae sparkle though.
    I’ve only been able to craft one of the new dimensions so far, because I’m trying to get it leveled and then craft them ALL afterward. The one I’ve done is Bahralt’s Ascent, and I have to say I like it a lot.

    I have a request, Radish. There is a screen recording software called Bandicam. There is a free version that lets you record for up to 10 minutes. I’d really love to see run-throughs of the dims you work on, you’re really skilled.

    My blog is still new, but I do post videos of my dims and some of the dims I visit.

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