11 comments on “The State Of The Radish

  1. I want to share my feelings with you as I read this. It was a roller coaster read for sure. First I was so ecstatic for you being able to move around and do things. I to have moment issues but because of my own gluttony. I was so over joyed to hear that you can do the other things in life people take for granted. I was truly over whelmed and started to cry for joy.

    Then the words that you might be done with Rift broke my heart. Not because you might be leaving but because I have grown to love you so very much, and would miss you with a huge hole in my heart. I do understand why. I myself started to ask why am I farming so damn much I have a neighbor who I now farm plat for and in exchange instead of buying rex they just add it to my account so i get the bonus. However even in all that farming, in all that killing I still have not be able to find where many world drops come from.I dont mean to be a Debbie Downer. I will always love Rift and always love Trion and the devs, but I am so burned out and didn’t realize. If just the items dropped better or those stupid artifacts dropped more from the instances where there is like 5 trash people kill. I dont want it just handed to me, I just want a little break.

    I just cant imagine what it is like for people who have a life like work, small kids, church and neighborhood activity’s. To want to hop on and build but cant because they dont have 8 hours to farm plat like a mad woman then 4 to build. Sure they can use the first dim items we ever used. However that is like having to go into normal Iron Tombs when your friends are doing Regulos. Sure raiders and pvpers farm for their gear, but when a new tier comes out the old tier gets cheaper and easier to get. When new dim items come out they are more expensive or a lower drop then the last set. The older stuff never gets cheaper or easier for us to receive.

    Now I know this sounds like a trash on dimensions post from me It is not its a I just need to get it out and share some very bottled up feelings I am having this month and you have just helped me loosen the cork.

    Now about you taking forever between blogs I will tell you now. No matter how far and few between they are no matter what they are about I will always ALWAYS be here waiting on them, reading them and caring about every feeling you have.
    Your Friend Always,
    Sherry (Kitasia) Allen

    • Sounds like you’re feeling like I’m feeling, Kit. I suppose, for some of us, the grind feels a bit like a hamster in a cage, just going round and round in circles.

      I still love the artwork and freedom to build that Rift offers but the free to play sure seems to have diluted the fun that Rift used to be. I miss those spectacular world events that provided a needed break from the daily routine. It was like the players came together for that one event and the server had a common purpose.

  2. well radish im glad to hear ya up and doing more active things. and you will be missed by all im sure but with lifes changes ya have to move on sometimes.ill be tryin landmark when it releases as work has been slow here and cant get the alpha.but ya have my contact info and please use it ).ya can find me well ya know were ive been hiding.and this dwarf will always keep ya close to my heart and in my prayers anything you need ya know im here.heck id even share my ale with ya.

    signed ktar the drunken dwarf

  3. If you’re willing, I’d love to hear more about your new treatment! Feel free to email me or drop a note on my blog- I have Rheumatoid Autoimmune Disease but am involved in the ME/CFS community since there is so much overlap in symptoms and treatment. Congratulations, and good luck!

  4. I am glad to hear that your illness is finally taking a turn for the better, yet saddened to hear that you might be leaving us after all. You’ve been a huge influence on me, have made me a better dimensioneer, and have taught me perhaps without ever realizing it. This blog was the first one I discovered when I started building, and I still reference all the useful information you have here very frequently.

    You will be missed while you’re away, but I truly hope that things work out for you as regards your health, which is far more important than any game. As far as contributing articles, I can speak for Diva when I say that we would be glad and honored to post your thoughts if that’s what you decide you want to do.

    Thank you so much for all you’ve done, and all you will continue to do.

  5. I’m happy you feel better and can finally do what you couldn’t for years. Even if it means we will see less of you online. Health is more important! And I’m sure you will not completely forget us : )
    If you decide to leave Rift for Landmark, please throw us some updates every now and then about how that game is and I hope you will enjoy it.
    I personally have no problem with dimensioning in Rift, I don’t mind spending half of my time farming plat and only the other half building stuff .. Oh but who will finish the guild dimension now? : P
    I hope the new meds aren’t some kind of SSRI, I heard those things mess with your brain real bad.
    Anyway, what ever you decide for the future, I want to let you know I am very happy to have met you and will always keep you in my heart. And I wish you the best.

    • Oh no, I’ll be finishing the guild hall, Seyler. Though I’m surprised you lot haven’t figured out it will never be finished. There’s the Valentine’s Day tableau to do, then Easter then summer and well that will take us back to autumn…

      My new meds aren’t SSRI’s or other brain interfering chemicals, it’s a replacement for the Kreb’s cycle (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Citric_acid_cycle for any interested parties). I can now make energy to power all the cellular functions we need to survive. I suspect that not all functions are coming back to me at once and it makes for some interesting imbalances.

      I will keep in touch, I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to build fiddle around with dims, just not with the same intensity as before. Rift’s artwork is really too pretty to abandon completely.

  6. Oh dear im sorry 😦 i just found Rift and this exxellent blog and was so excited. And now you are quitting? I sure hope you find the sparkle again and continue. I know the feeling. Im a virtual builder myself but came from other worlds like Cloud Party (closing in february) and inWorldz. Cloud Party closing made me really sad so I was so happy to find the rift. InWorldz is nice but offers no adventure like the rift. Ya, I closed my old blog too recently but that is a sad thing to do. Sometimes necessary to start over tho…
    Im happy you feel better irl, that is most important. XaBut plz stay. You are making a lot of ppl happy, that is obvious @–>–>–

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