6 comments on “New Rift Expansion Is When?

  1. Would be interesting if it was March, as I’d imagine a beta phase would last a couple months. Which if true, suggests beta starting very soon.

    I enjoyed the underwater saga and didn’t have any trouble with it, though getting used to full 3D awareness takes a bit. I’m looking forward to 3.0!

  2. Grats on the new monitor!
    Yea, definitely noticed the quest text about there being 4 months until the next Red Moon. I thought it was unrelated to the launch date of Rift 3.0 though.

    The questline was about that dream dragon needing another Red Moon for his evil plans. However, you find out how to create a fake moon and the dragon thanks you for giving him this information – so that he doesn’t need to wait for the next real Red moon.

    It would be interesting however to see whether a new underwater questline gets added in prior to Rift 3.0 when the real Red Moon occurs.

    My guess is that Rift 3.0 won’t be released until at least August of next year, maybe further on.
    Simon stated that they’ve got content planned out up to a Rift 2.7. Daglar also mentioned – depending on schedule – they may even add a Rift 2.8.

    Given that there’s usually a lull during January, you’ve then got maybe February or March for 2.6 (we’re currently in 2.5) where they’ll have the Carnival of the Ascended World Event again. Then a few months later probably 2.7; probably also have Summerfest World Event undisturbed.

    So yea, looks like an August or further before Rift 3.0 hits. Perhaps a November release like Storm Legion.

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