5 comments on “Seven Great Reasons To Buy A Founder’s Pack

  1. Very cool has me thinking of taking a nice look at this game. Even though I love Rift so very much . After all I build in other games I fine every game has prod and cons and all are just as fun to build in.

  2. Hey Radish, Valzen@Greybriar here. I’ve been playing EQ2 as well as some Rift. I have to say I love EQ2’s way of doing player housing on so many aspects, I can’t possibly list them here. And as an avid builder, I am definitely getting EQN Landmark traveler’s pack, because I think SOE knows how passionate we are about building/creating. They understand. Period. It will also be a great way to start making stuff for the EQ Next, which we can make real money in the shop as it is now in EQ2’s Player Studio. They will be adding to that on many levels. Very excited. Hope to see you there!!

    • Yes, I think a fair few of us will be playing Landmark. So many things we will be able to do there that Rift just can’t handle.

      I think I’ll still be dabbling in Rift though. Landmark doesn’t seem to have enough glowey plants and that dark, mutated look that I enjoy in Rift.

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