10 comments on “Goodbye Old Friends, Hello New

  1. hey radish ive been looking for ya btw khloey does still play in SV.need me some radish time were abouts ya been hidding ?

    • Yes, Embri has been on occasionally. Kumberlin should be well ensconced in her new home in Australia.

      If you read this, Kumberlin, email me your phone number and I’ll give you a ring. Cheers Radish.

  2. I think it has a lot to do with negativity in the game post f2p, as well as nothing drawing interest if you are only a dimensioner. If you’d done the puzzles and quests, your only action now – out side of building – is to hunt for items. But since so many of those items can be bought with credits, there really is no reason to long in. Sure, you could go for achievements, but those are not exciting achievments – they are simply place/pick up bench marks.

    Also, for me, my guild also died, returned for one week, and then hasn’t been seen since. It’s so heartbreaking to log into a game you love only to find none of your game family is online. Seeing the “zero guild/zero friends” online for a month broke my rift spirit. I think for me it’s been about a month since I logged in.

    I review the forums every day, but nothing has excited my interested into coming back 😦

    • I’ve noticed your absence, Anneleigh. It is sad when your gaming family pack up and leave you abandoned and orphaned. It’s easy to leave the game then rather than start afresh.

      I don’t think those of us who lived through the subscription days easily contemplate the new free2play order. It just doesn’t seem the same game. Like you, so many casual people I know have packed up and gone.

      The raiders, on the other hand, seem to be going strong.

  3. Good article and great reminder, Radish. Many of us have felt refreshed with the PvE game since 2.4 with many new dimension items dropping off mobs in the world. I hope some of our old friends will give it a try and perhaps find something refreshing there as well. I do miss them.

  4. Hey Radish and everyone!

    We made the move to Australia a month ago and just moved into our new house this past weekend. Our stuff has still not shipped from America so it will be awhile yet before I am able to get back on Rift. It’s nice that I haven’t been forgotten and Radish, if you can, please look after the little guild until I get back! 🙂 Miss you all and can’t wait to get back and see all of the wonderful builds you guys have been creating!


    P.S. I don’t have a number yet but as soon as I get one, I’ll let you know, Radish!

    • I had hopes you were still reading the blog, Kumberlin. Glad to hear you’re settling in after your move.

      Will look after the guild and, dang!, there goes my storage space for artifacts :).

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