5 comments on “A Chorus Of Moos

  1. Great article, Radish. It’s hard to trust that the dev’s have our best interests in mind when they seem to be in clear denial of the facts.

  2. I loathe his statement of “dimensioneers are a small % of money”…Perhaps overall, but you have to consider the % of people that spend money for dimensions verses the % that do not.

    Let’s pretend:

    The average player is spending about $10 on SL souls, maybe a swimsuit, and a hat.

    The average dimensioneer is spending $50 on REX and Credits

    So let’s say there is only 1 hardcore dimensioneer per 100 RIFT players:

    100x$10 = $1000
    1x$50 = $50

    So yes, congrats Daglar, your statement holds water…Dimensioneers DO only make up a small percentage of the cash flow…


    The dimensioneers are spending WAY more money per person due to the costs of dimension items.

    Daglar is great at politicalspeak.

  3. Well made and thought out. I do love how you stand up for your thoughts. I am such a chicken I have such a hard time standing up for any thing. Guess that’s why I let certain people walk all over me and push me around and bully me. I wish I had your ummph and guts.

  4. I have to say I agree with your analysis. For over a month before the F2P Dimension Item explosion, I *tried* on the official forums to explain to dimension lovers that this was going to happen and to raise their voices to help show the Devs just how ridiculous they’re being on dimension item pricing. Pretty much all I got in return was… “How many of those items do you plan in putting in your Dimension?!?!” or “30 Plat for 1 item isn’t that much! I can buy 100 of those!”

    /* Jumps forward to today */

    Yeah… I’ll NEVER pay 30 plat for ANY item, I don’t care how cool it would look. I don’t build anymore because from day 1 of F2P I saw that building any new dimension was going to cost me between 10k and 20k plat, which, again, WILL NEVER HAPPEN!

    As the last post I ever posted to the forums already stated: “Until the Devs decide to come down from their astronomically priced fantasy land, I’m not spending another plat or credit on another dimension item.”

    The point of buying stuff is not to spend 200 plat for 1 or 2 items… the point is to buy 200 items for 1 or 2 plat.

    The Devs thinking that Dimensions should cost over 3k to build COMPLETELY (and that’s not even considering that they currently cost 15-20k,) is proof they have absolutely no real grasp on the actual gameplay of gamers. I doubt they’ll *ever* truly understand, as I doubt ANY of them have ever *really* built a dimension. They don’t build dimensions… they build dimension *items* and assign a completely absurd, arbitrary price to the items, thinking they’re awesome for creating items that cost a fortune to buy.

    They’re ridiculous!

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