7 comments on “Errr … Oops!

  1. I did the same thing today but said “yes” when they asked if I wanted to download the game again and it simply did a regular patch. Took a couple of minutes and I was in my NA shard.

  2. NA servers are still down and I can’t wait to log in. I’ve got the house to myself and an entire day to game.. which is rare.

  3. are these things here to stay or going away. I’ve been waiting for the mossy houses to revamp my moonshade, but I don’t want to buy them, remove my exsisting buildings and then have the houses removed in the future.

    • I really don’t know. There are so many errors in the dimension side of this patch, It’s hard to know what should or shouldn’t have been released.

      Maybe hold off a couple of days and see. If it’s not meant to be, Trion should have a fix in a day or two.

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