2 comments on “No Grind For Summerfest?

  1. Thanks for the article!

    I had been wondering about when we’d be seeing our new dimension items, but as I hadn’t seen any, I’ve been pinching my credits and tokens. :3

    And the only ‘hard yakka’ (I’m so stealing that term) I’ve found so far is the scavenger hunt in the Infinity Steppes and finding that darn box in Ashora. All the other ones were just protracted respawn times and I was running around w/ a partner so we just went into Chronicles while we waited.

    • The scavenger hunts have been much improved since last year. I’ve had no trouble finding the bits and pieces I need.

      There does seem to be a strange shortage of holiday currency, I’ve not seen it drop from strongholds, invasions or the one fortress event I went to. Hopefully they’ll become more widely available with phase 2.

      We’ll know how much of a grind Summerfest is for dimensioneers when we see the dimension item costs. Let’s pray prices are not higher than Carnival of the Ascended.

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