4 comments on “What I Like About Patch 2.3

  1. I love being able to have multiple dimensions on one character. I have to admit though, I find myself character swapping to build dimensions MORE now than I did before 2.3, because of the achievements.

    Before the patch I discovered I could place, move and pick stuff up in my alts’ dimensions just the same I could in my own, with the sole exception of soulbound items. The only problem is doing this doesn’t count towards the placing items in my dimension or friends’ dimension achievements that 2.3 added.

  2. I’m one of those who joined with the f2p patch — well I’d tried it before but as I already have a subscription to another game I couldn’t really justify paying for another. I’m having so much fun, I like that I can buy things as I go (which I have, because I love the game so much). I haven’t even started my dimension yet but I love seeing what other people have done, it’s so creative 🙂

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