4 comments on “Crowned By Stars

  1. The cost came from the PTS, where I spent quite a bit more than I intended to. Fortunately, the double credits back meant that this was possible, when it otherwise would not have been. What really gets me is the disparity between credit costs and platinum costs. The black marble cubes, for example (of which I used 14 stacks with only 41 left over) are 7p each on the shop, or 4 credits. Four credits sounds a lot more affordable than 7p 20g when you’re talking about bulk like that, so it’s easy to see what we’re intended to use.

    At any rate, I’m probably going to start building a lot smaller now.

  2. Gratz Bara on the featured post and thanks for recreating Feendish Moneypit on the live shards so everyone can see it.

    • Thanks, Jaed. I realize, looking at my above post now that I’ve had a chance to wake up, that it seems rather curt when that was never my intention. I’m grateful that Radish posted this dimension here, even if it is as something of a cautionary tale regarding the new expenses of dimensioning. She very much realized how much I love this dimension. As she said so aptly, it sings to me, and i would build it again in a heartbeat.

      Oddly enough, it was actually cheaper on live shards, since prices were still bouncing around when the Moneypit was built on the PTS. On the test shard, I quit keeping track once I hit the 25k platinum mark, it almost made me sick to think of things costing that much.

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