3 comments on “Nomi Has Moved

  1. I was just asking people yesterday if Trion finally moved Nomi out of her ABSURDLY hard-to-reach location!! (I’m sorry, but requiring you to play a mage or a rogue to have some backwards teleport that you then use to jump backwards off that mountain cairn in City Core, all while entering and exiting a dimension repeatedly in mid-air, and then camping your character in Nomi’s room in order to banner people in was…..******* ridiculous).

    I just got my first storm legion puzzle artifact collection (the little black book) which took hours and hours for weeks of fishing and searching Morban for the artifacts. Turned the set in with the strangely mutated fish and before discovering your site just now, was about to cry at the prospect of having to do the same process for each zone puzzle. 😛

    To sum up, Thank you so much for posting this!!! Nobody that I asked, even my friend with 686 artifact sets, knew anything about Nomi being moved when I asked.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Radish! Was able to pick these up relatively quickly last night. Seratos was definitely the most trouble, although some of that may have been because I hated that zone and didn’t finish the quest lines there nor fully explore it.

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