2 comments on “Free2play: The Real Cost Of Dimensioning

  1. I read it on the forums and I agree with you. This whole F2P (Pay to win cash cow crapola extravaganza!) is making me sick. I haven’t felt like logging in to play. What’s the point? I log in and talk to a few friends and log back out. I don’t feel like building. No point when new, much better items are right around the corner. If the prices don’t get fixed to where I can obtain them by playing the game and occasionally making a purchase from the cash shop, my Rift life will be over. Games are for fun and this just isn’t fun right now.

    Also, I have seen fighting and elitism on the forums from dimensioneers that I would have never thought possible. Wow, just wow.

    I am waiting on paperwork to move to the other side of the world. I am not currently working as I have been organizing paperwork, bank accounts, packing our household, deciding what belongings go and what to auction, etc. I will not be able to afford to sub AND use the cash shop. I still think I deserve to be able to use the forums if I choose to unsub and buy from the shop.

    I have fished, farmed, played the AH, etc to make plat to buy dims and dim items, to buy tabs in a guild vault to store the dim items, etc. I will work for my plat, I don’t have a problem with that. But if I have to work for XXX% more plat just to be able to continue playing as I was before…..

    Honestly, I would rather spend my real money on tattoos, art supplies (can’t right now, they don’t let you ship stuff! lol), books on my Kindle, pedicures…..all luxuries to me that I can’t afford right now! If I can’t afford stuff that I can have with me all the time, I am definitely not spending a load on pixels!

    /end rant lol

  2. I agree with you both. Kumberlin, especially this quote “I will work for my plat, I don’t have a problem with that. But if I have to work for XXX% more plat just to be able to continue playing as I was before…..”

    Mael, You experience many areas of endgame… you know what it would be like to be told your raid gear now costs you 700% more emperal stones (or whatever they are). 700% is a lot more than just a few extra dailies. In fact they did increase the amount of stones required to buy things for raiding, but they also increased the drop. The entire economy was shifted. In the case of dimension items, the end cost inflated, but the income level did not.

    We who build dimensions already dailies for the amount of platinum required for our current happiness. The fact is that now we will have to wait months longer if we are saving for a special item – and this goes beyond a little extra saving. As was said above, this equates to not having a new raid come out every few months to keep you entertained.

    I am personally unhappy with the increase in item cost because it is a HUGE jump. I also can’t speak for everyone, but I am unimpressed that items traditionally used as building blocks are the ones that cost a huge percentage more than their non-f2p counterparts. Radish said it best – “Cost of dimension items: Wood plank a very common building block costs 2 gold, a wood triangle (same skin) which would also be a common building block costs 14p 40g. That’s a 720 times increase in the cost of that item. (72,000% increase folks).”

    I would be happy if the building blocks, most of the flowers, most of the trees, etc… retained a reasonable plat price on par, though slightly more than what we currently pay, but the special houses, and decorative items, were available though credits or a higher plat price. THOSE special items, the telescopes and planar projectors etc.. those are the items worth saving for (I would put them on par with saving for a major upgrade in Raiding Gear).. but the building blocks, the triangles and the new skins of boards and tiles – those are our version of heath pots, serums, and scrolls. They are bought in such a number, and such a frequency, that having them cost 10 plat a piece will price them out of reach for almost all of us.

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