2 comments on “Free2play: The Good News

  1. I am so happy that the store is usuable everywhere. That alone is a HUGE plus for me. The prices seem to have come down a bit, and looking at the credit to IRL conversion, many of our building blocks will be very reasonably priced IRL cash. I’ve seen some as low as 4 credits per item.. that means you could buy 40 for a single dollar.

    I love all the additions of magitech items. I was struggling to decorate my defiant’s home. Add that to all the prefab houses and building block styles and we may see the dimension community explode – if the sticker shock wears off.

  2. I agree whole heartly the store being accessible from the dimension is awesome news. When I was doing the prep work for all the walls/counters I kept running out of slabs. Very frustrating.

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