8 comments on “Free2play: Free2pay

  1. Thanks so much for putting these out so we can see them, Radish! I didn’t think the PTS would be updated until tonight so I wasn’t in there last night until very late, and I was floored by the amount of content and the prices.

    It’s a lot to take in…

  2. One thing I noticed is that Plaza Aurentine is markedly larger, with the bubble expanded to about 40% of the canal. Unfortunately the staircase to get back up if you fall off isn’t included.

  3. Lol now I will have to put my tower on hold for a little longer as i will probly want to redo it agean with the new items

  4. Everyone is a buzz over the huge prices… but forget that when the patch hits, we will all get a percentage based bump in our platninum to match the increased prices in the store. They said on the live stream that things will look more expensive but because of our own plat bumps they feel more expensive. The needed wiggle room at the lower end – wanting to give us smaller items that would naturally cost less. Without the increase, some things you would expect to cost less would cost nearly as much as other items already established – or – on the other hand, cost only 1 or 2 silvers to purchase.

  5. I already know that black marble cubes in vast quantity are in my future–if the price becomes reasonable. Thank you for opening up a dimension this way, as well as your blog that keeps us all informed.

  6. Radish, thank you for this post, and for the open dimension on PTS. You are a “voice of reason” in all the craziness and I hope Trion is listening….

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