4 comments on “Free2Play: The Livestream Edition

  1. Yeah, Hailol looks kind of like Central Necropolis married a Pepto Bismal factory and had a mutated child. Parts of it did seem interesting and pretty, but overall, I’m looking forward to what else they might come out with.

  2. *laughs* I didn’t really notice the similar feel to Necropolis until after you said that.. but yes, it does have a similar atmosphere.

    They scrolled through the higher list so quickly. Can’t wait to see what other keys are in there. We know at least that the loyalty bar will provide us with free keys. I wonder if keys are soul bound still… for those who have already bought Faen’s but will get it free with their loyalty. I also wonder what keys will be for the other ranks and what the “loyalty only” ones are going to be. If its like the lucky coins only one, they will be really rare for a time.

    • It did look like there were a ton of keys. I’m sure most of them were existing, but…I can’t wait to see what else is coming. I’ve heard people saying as well they heard mention of a higher item count, and if that’s true…I would actually pay real money to increase the items in a couple of my dimensions. And I’m really looking forward to the thought of multiple active keys.

  3. It looks like the cash (USD) to credit ratio is $1:160 pretty consistently. I figured on continuing my sub beyond F2P launch but may change that up since store prices are pretty high. I’m interested in knowing the price of plat if someone has a reliable source.

    Hailol might look better with a sky projector. As it sits now, I’m not interested in pink. And Bara, I loled at your description.

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