6 comments on “Free2play And Dimensions

  1. Good stuff, Radish. I hope you are right.

    I think my overarching concern about dimensions is related to how Trion ends up monetizing the new currency since we will be able to buy plat as well as tokens. Will the Mossy Village cost $11.50 US since it costs 1150p? Or will it cost more? Or less? Will there be exchange rates for international currencies? If I pay $11.50 and my Aussie friends have to pay $15.00 (as example) will that create additional issues we don’t even want to think about right now?

    Daglar talked quite a bit about not wanting to segregate the players but money is the one thing that can easily do that. And once we have money issues, exploits and botters are right behind.

    • My next article about the livestream answers a lot of your questions, Jaed. One U.S. dollar equates to approximately 350 plat by livestream figures. That puts the village at about $3.28.

      We foreigners are quite used to paying in U.S. dollars so it’s not an issue.

      My biggest concern is that the need to drive players to buy items will create an inflation of costs like we saw between Fae Yule and Carnival of the Ascended. I personally find Rift a little on the grindy side, inflation may make the grind highly unappealing.

  2. I think I am most curious about perks to people who have subscribed. Well, I know we will get some things special, but will they also offer some sort of REX as well. After all, those who are going month to month can now choose if they would like to use their 15$ on store items or to buy patron passes, where as those who purchased the year are locked into patron passes only and will have to spend extra for the store.

    I’m also curious about how currency will be purchased for REX. As Jaed said, how will the currency work.
    Looking at the store screen shot on Facebook, It looks like there is a bar along the top. If I had to guess, that would be your current available funds. So you can fill is up and then spend till its done. Which I can handle, However, I wont be able to do that till my patron is up in November.

    • So according to the live stream that bar along the top is loyalty and you will unlock items when you pass milestones. interesting.

      I like that the items in the shop can be purchased with plat as well as credits, and that you get a very large preview window. Not sure why anyone would purchase the random boxes though. We builders are very specific about the items we like and/or need.

      Also, did anyone get a good look at the new dimensions available in the store? aside from the one they showed us – which is so pretty. I guess I’ll be on the PTS with the rest of you, especially if my PTS credit purcahses will be multiplied when it goes live.

  3. I did see that 30,000 Loyalty gets you a Faen’s dimension. At 7k per month of subscription, there will be a lot of folks who get a free Faen’s come June 12th. Since that was the green tier of Loyalty reward, there may be more free dimensions in the higher tiers of Loyalty as well.

    • Did anyone notice that the red button of loyalty rewards was 1,200,000 loyalty points? That’s over 14 years of Rift. I bet you get something extra special nice for lasting that long. Mind you that figure is likely to change between now and live.

      I’ll have about 3.5 years of loyalty stacked up. I’m hoping that gets me a fancy, loyalty-only dimension. Oh the vanity!

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