7 comments on “100 Posts And Going Strong

  1. Thanks for running such a great blog site, Radish. I visit it everyday for one reason or another. The information on puzzles, as well as informative links to other sites in the community, have been wonderful. And it’s always wonderful to hear your views on the latest and greatest in the world of dimensions. Keep up the great work!

  2. First thing every moring with my coffee, I come here to read Radish’s great blog, she has inspired me in many many ways, as a person and via Dimensioneering.
    Thank you Radish for being you, your AWESOME
    Hugs and Cookies, Dragondancer

  3. First Dimension site I visited and bookmarked. While trying to decide which dimension should be my first I hit upon the article “Location, Location, Location.” Read through it and chose Faen’s. Bookmarked for future reference and I refer all new to dimensions to that article! Thanks for all you do!

  4. I come here every morning with my first cup of coffee as well. Thanks Radish for being a strong, pivotal element of the dimension community.

  5. Hello, My guild member informed me that I was on here with jennii’s Dim I am so happy! I normally check but lately I have been behind the times on the reads on the forums. HUGS and ty much I really do enjoy dimming.

  6. Also you mention about supportive guilds, The Artisans guild is just like that also in all my dims they give me advice on what I could do better and such Between all my dims and toons I am proud to call them home

    • Welcome Refinn. It’s a wonderful thing having the support of a good guild. The Artisans Guild looks like it’s doing great things.

      I popped into several dimensions with TAG in the name and they were all interesting.

      Good luck with your dimensioning.

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