9 comments on “Mystery Food

  1. That’s a tricky one. I wont participate because Embri told/showed me what it was. It was so unusual though. Something I never would have thought to use.

  2. I’ve been contemplating this one for days. I think the sushi/spring rolls are red book bindings. Tthough the picture makes them look more brown than red, the gold stamping on the binding is found on red books. The dumplings could be burlap sacks, though they would have to have been very precisely melded to create such a smooth-looking surface. But I am completely stumped by the noodles. I can only think they might be on an instance or raid drop since I’m not as familiar with all of those items.

    So, /cry uncle. What is it??

  3. I pondered them too for a good 5 minutes looking at them from all angles and I still couldn’t guess… but it was an item I didn’t personally have… though I’ve seen them everywhere. Radish is that too much of a clue?

  4. It would have taken me awhile to figure it out because I don’t think I had ever noticed the “noodles” before. Embri’s morphing sense is pretty sweet! lol

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