2 comments on “Introducing Rift Dimension Addicts

  1. Thanks bunches for the kind words. I also encourage people to keep using the other sites. They have many parts that we dont. Between all the sites you will have a better time finding what you need. More is always better for information.

  2. Hey Radish…

    Thanks so much for the write-up! I’m glad someone’s figured out how to use our information. =)

    The site is (I think) 100% functional. As you stated, the database is complete and the functionality is in place. The Toolbox Item Set section is also working and we’ll be getting a lot more sets in for players to play with shortly. The Forums *should* be working correctly so you can post your questions about Toolbox or our website and we’ll hopefully be able to help you with those questions.

    Now to get into some of the more nitty-gritty display formatting/theme customizing that I’ve been dying to get started on so it’s a little easier on the eyes and organizational flow.

    As for the other dimension websites you mentioned, I’m in *complete* agreement with you; Rift Dimensions and Rift Decorators are both worthy sites with a vast amount of information that’s useful to Dimensioneers and should absolutely remain bookmarked!

    You’re the best! Thanks again!

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