8 comments on “Meet Nomi, Sister To Omi

  1. This actually sucks for dimensioneers who don’t raid. Many of us depend on puzzle rewards (orbs, dominoes), and artifacts from searching and from fishing to fund our projects. It also made fishing somewhat profitable when you have to spend hours to get the item you actually want instead of a boat. This is very disappointing and I am not understanding their reasoning. It will now be harder to fish up a cherry tree or vase than to complete an artifact set….. This is not good for dimensioneers imo.

  2. I understand the reasons. People complained that the only way to do the puzzles was to get the artifact set.. that they loved doing puzzles but were not collectors and would therefor never get to see the puzzles of SL.

    I agree with you Kumberlin, it will be harder to fish for what you want now that finish puzzles. Maybe a change to fishing is in the works also *looks over Kit’s idea and finds no loose threads*

  3. Given all the consumables required, I never really thought of raiding as profitable. I would say that the majority of my plat comes from augment sales, and I get the mats from the chronicle and world events. (As an armorsmith and apothecary) What does frustrate me is putting 90% of the artifacts I find into the guild bank and getting the same ones over and over instead of the ones I’m missing.

    Also, I see vendor dimension items heavily marked up on the AH all the time, I’m sure there will be people buying these artifacts to sell for profit too. Even when the orbs are more easily obtainable, people are impatient. Either they won’t want to run out and do the puzzle or won’t get the color orb they want right away and just buy it. They might sell for less than they do now, but they will still retain some value.

    Or maybe a dimensioneer needs a patron. 😉

  4. My point is that the artifacts are kind of a side feature of Rift. Dimensions is a major feature. We have to fish for hours to get the items we need/want for our dimensions. Now we can just go buy artifacts? I guess I am not understanding making artifacts easier to get, while some dimension items are still very difficult to obtain. And no, I don’t think we should just be able to buy every dimension item, it is nice that we have to work for some things. It just feels like “dumbing down” the game, which I hate in any sense, and it does cut into my source of income to fund dimensions. I put the extra artifacts I get from hunting and fishing on the AH. Guess which ones sell the best? That’s right, the puzzle ones. If I spend time obtaining them and choose to sell them, why not? I have bought artifacts to complete my sets as well and bought some to help friends. I just think this sucks. Just seems like Trion made a bad choice to tie artifacts to the puzzles (I agree), and now are backpeddling. Don’t understand the backpeddling at this point though. Why? What dos it gain them to change it now? They reduced the frequency of artifacts drastically since launch, then they are just going to make them purchasable. Why not increase the rate of artifact spawn?

    Bah, I am getting rambly. Whatever, for the record, I think this BLOWS! 🙂

  5. I’m just a tiny bit bitter since I bought the last puzzle artifact I needed last week (50p for page 1 of Bogling Star Signs). I’ve fished and hunted shinies for MONTHS to get all the puzzle sets. I also spent a few hundred plat on a few of the uber-rare ones I never could find. If I had known this was in the works, I would have just waited and bought all my artifacts since it’s not like we get anything extra for doing it the “old-fashioned way.”

    That rant aside, I can also see how this could be a huge blow to dimensioneers. I don’t think Trion has really thought this through.

  6. I made a post on the dim forums for people to come read this article. I have looked at the AH and the same names have multiples of all of the “good” artifacts. I want people to not get ripped off. If someone farms it, that’s one thing, but to go buy multiples of all the rares and mark them up 30+ plat…..wow, just wow.

  7. I am happy and sad . Happy because I have been trying to find a way to Nomi to see what she was for a few months now. Sad because I fish for 2 to 4 hours a day for artifacts and dim items to support my dimension habit. And yes the best sellers WERE the puzzle ones. Happy because I will be able to get more boggles when I can finally reach her myself. Sad because now when I fish them I will know they are as worthless as the common fishing artifacts. Happy because its almost time for dendrome

  8. Am happy that a guildy got me up there. I now have finished all set for the puzzles for under 800p

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