3 comments on “Staying In Touch

  1. I adore that peacock, follow button activated.
    Hugs and Cookies
    (Icewatch EU)
    Dragondancer: Elegance Art Gallery,
    Shadowdance: Granny’s Pantry,
    Arwenna: Volcano Lake,
    Amazonite: Dragoneye Tower,
    Lilacia:Restoring Central Necropolis,
    Victorienna: The Proposal,
    Black Pantheon(1 man Guild)Lilacs Castle,
    Dimensioneer: Fairy Tales and Legends.
    (Greybriar NA)
    Lilacia: Ultimate Dolls House.

  2. Love the idea of twitter. I’ll follow you Radish. I don’t use my twitter all that often though. ((usually just to announce new story posts on The Ascended.))

    LOVE LOVE that peacock. My nice adores peacocks so I have a special fondness for them too

  3. I gave you a +1 on Facebook and followed you on Twitter. I don’t do much with the social media stuff but participate in a small way. Twitter does seem like a quick way to give a shout out to folks, though the forums are probably better for it.

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