4 comments on “Meta Achievements And First Dimensions

  1. A well done first attempt. Practice at morphing, and spending the time going to see what other people have made, really ups your game, dimension wise.

    I remember my first one on beta also. It’s a clumsy 3 tierd house in the starter.. and I thought it was spectacular. *laughs* it was oh so basic compaired to what I would consider finished now.

    This is a good representation of some known items though. That is hard to do in game.

  2. Welcome to the “club”, Nathra! Everyone has to start somewhere and I made the same mistakes with my first dimensions, not realizing that there were such things as rectangles…building all of my stuff from tiles and planks. I have become quite the item miser now. I am willing to take “shortcuts” on things not as important to me (stairs) so I can use large amounts of items to make details I do think are important (food). Visit, practice, and hop in chat and vent and talk to people! I think we all keep improving!

  3. This was a great article, very insightful and full of great tips. Looking at screenshots of my first attempts, they were so clumsy compared to now. And thank you to Nathra for opening up your dimension to this kind of inspection and critique. I know I take my building too personally, I couldn’t do this!

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