7 comments on “Silky Venom Guild Hall: Division Of Labour

  1. Great to see this thread continued.

    I, too, found it challenging but ultimately very rewarding to build as a team. We had an original group of three and I had a fourth person in mind as well. But when a dissenter dropped out, the fourth stepped in to keep us whole.

    The others didn’t have much experience or confidence, so they were leery of taking responsibility. Yet once I gave them a concept (build a garden here, build a path to the top, etc), they had the freedom to run with their ideas and I was able to delegate whole sections of the build with only minor tweaking and finishing details.

    Despite all the challenges, I’m really glad our GM made a point of wanting the guild dimension built by a team of guildies rather than one person. One of the extra benefits I’ve seen so far is from the players who aren’t familiar with dimensions; they offer ideas (how about a disco bar?) or they want to donate dungeon drops and are delighted to see where their donation “lives” in the guild dimension. This is a very cool thing for bringing all kinds of players together.

      • Yes it’s open now and yes we had the bug. Looks like that bug was fixed along with a couple other things in last week’s hotfix.

  2. When we built our guild hall I started with a basic design for the inside/outside. I had a vision of a training yard, a small pool/river, the sleeping quarters, meeting hall, and shrine. With that in mind, I set to work.

    Others joined in. Our guild didn’t have the dimension permisions heavily guarded. Anyone with founder status (which was everyone except 3 in our guild… we were small) had access to place items. I remember the day I logged in and one of my guild members had built an awsome mine exterior (we’re dwarves), and a small garden. The area used I had invisioned as stables, but it worked out well and looked beautiful the way she had developed it, that I didn’t feel precious over the area.

    Contributions came from our members more in the form of ideas than in actual building. One suggested a game room. Darts I believe he said. Pingpong and chess were easy, but darts challenged me. I made it work though, and am pleased to see that idea in other dimensions now…. slightly tweeked and improved as the generations go onward.

    Guild halls are a place for team work, to be sure. I’m such a solo builder, but it was so nice to see everyone come together.

    • It sounds like you and Jaed had much more success including others in your build. I suspect I’m at fault here, I had my vision and didn’t really want to share (selfish Radish!). Sharing means loss of control and my friends in real life will tell you I have issues with that :).

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