10 comments on “Introducing Moonshade Pools

  1. I squeed with delight! It is so tranquil here in this dimension. As a dwarf at heart who adores Moonshade, I am so so happy to see the size and scope of this area. I love that you can see clear to Sanctum and Hammerknell, that you can build right down to the bottom of the pools, that you are neighbours to threesprings.. … It is all so amazing. And I’m so so excited. I cannot wait till they set it to open for everyone. However, the delay (if you could even call it that) will allow me plenty of time to save the 420 plat I’ll need to get started (I don’t know if I’ll go for the 1000 right away.. but to start at the third level)

    • I agree with you 100%. The only other dimension that gives me the same feeling of peace and tranquility is Bogling Boggle. I know I’ll be buying Moonshade Pools on an alt or two.

  2. I fell in love with the sky I am currently in creation mode right now thinking of ideas for it before RDD bring out our next project and introduce you all to a third RDD team member. Great article Radish and thank you for the update!

      • Well, it is a work in progress. I thought I had everything I needed but then I start decorating, get an idea, and it is back to the ol’ fishing hole! I could use a couple more elf beds and now I need old round tables. lol

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  4. I have a question… I visited Kit’s Moonshade Pools dimension and saw two items I have never seen before in game. The first was a salmon colored lily, and the second a purple flower resembling the common pink ground cover, only distinctly purple. Were these items part of the “loot” of winning, or are they available somewhere in game that I am not aware of? I have never seen them listed in any database. Thanks!


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