11 comments on “Solving The Little Black Book Puzzle

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  2. Nice work Radish! Gosh still getting artifacts and so much fishing and balloon jumping to do WTB more hours in the day but so grateful the ones I’ve used are still filled with a smile. Those orange purple and yellow orbs I would love to get my hands on and the white ones too. Grats!

  3. Grr… that puzzle lol took me a long time to figure it out but now I got it down. if anyone needs help solving theirs send me a tell Lollypop@Greybrair I will be happy to port to your NA shard and help you solve it. I love getting orbs with friends =)

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  5. Thank you! Very helpful!

    On the fishing, it took about half and hour. There’s an isle in the middle that gives pretty good coverage of fish pools on your mini-map. While you only get one cast, it usually takes 4 long clicks to get the fish which gives you and others with you plenty of time to get to the pull and get a chance to get a fish. (That is, many folks can get a fish from one pool as long as they all cast before the first one pulls his fish.) Courtesy (and self-interest) suggests waiting to cast until others are in the vicinity.

  6. Thank you for your perfect guide, I just handled in the artifact collection and received the scroll 😀
    Now to look up for Volan and go fishing 🙂

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