8 comments on “Dimensions Blogging Community Triples In Size

    • They are an instanced form of player housing for the game Rift. Everyone gets their own little slice of Telara and building blocks to build what they like.

      Players can share their inventions with others and dimensions can be given a +1 to say a visitor liked it.

      As you can see, player housing has many variations in Rift. While I haven’t played another MMO with housing, Rift’s version seems more flexible than previous housing system.

    • I have played a couple other mmos with housing and Rift’s is far and away the most flexible and “sandboxy” of housing possibilities in a themepark mmo. Within the space of the dimension you acquire, you might have prebuilt structures to decorate and expand, or you might have nothing more than an open environment waiting for your imagination to fill it.

      If you’re curious what kinds of things are possible in Rift’s housing, there was a recent contest with over 700 entrants and you can see screenshots here: https://apps.facebook.com/rift_joyofdimensions/contests/311586/voteable_entries?view_entries=1

  1. Thank you Radish for your in depth & always insightful introduction to dimensions, the people behind them or projects such as the ones we’re all partaking in on whatever scale they maybe. I am having a lot of fun connecting this way. It has been a big week for both of us in game so as our feet touch the ground I look forward to getting to know and support you also. Cheers!

  2. Let me know Radish if you’d like me to show you through my dimension at anytime or just catch up for a chat, have a good one – Kiwimidget Kiwiana Kiwisan

  3. Radish that is a wonderful post you did and thank you for welcoming us!! I look forward to getting to know you and Greybriar!! ~Cheers —-@

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