8 comments on “Requiem For The Radish Inn

  1. OMG! I am so sorry! I would be devastated as I am sure you are. That sucks so badly, it is beyond words. I definitely agree there should be a prompt. Like you said, we have lowbies in charge of our dimensions since we can only have one active. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of and the fact that you can’t get it back…..

    If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to ask. I have some things I would be willing to share, make, buy, etc. Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. OMG I can only imagine the shock and everything that came after the first moment. So sorry, Radish. I loved visiting your dimension, as I always found something I’d missed in previous trips.

    I am amazed there wasn’t a warning about the guild, the guild bank or even all the items in the dimension being lost. For it all to go “poof” without a warning is just horrifying.

  3. It blows that this had to happen to someone to highlight the problem… especially to such a loved dimension. You would think the information was backed up somewhere. Hummm. This gets back to my main issue with dimensions, there’s just so much small detail, every item being separate at its own placement and angle… it makes dismantling or, in your case, accidentally deleting a dimension a one-way operation with no way to roll back data.

    On the brighter side, you had so many visitors that loved it, and many pictures as well! So it will be remembered well.

  4. That is indeed a crying shame. So sorry for our loss (all of us). You most of all, for all the work you put into it. That dimension was a work of art. Filled with things that made me laugh & smile. It was so fun to explore. It had easter eggs in every corner. It was clever and beautiful and funny. I wanted to marry it.
    It’s not just pixels when you can brighten people’s days like that. Please don’t be disheartened and give up. What you’re doing is a public service. You are Very talented.
    Let us know what toon to send charity items to.

    • I promise I won’t give up, Shivalah. Despite this misfortune, I’m still having the best time with dimensions. I’m glad that you’re enjoying them, too. I’m consoling myself by dreaming up new ideas for the Radish Inn mark 2.

      If you or anyone would like to contribute to the next Radish Inn, there’s a Radishing toon on every NA server but Greybriar. On Greybriar, you can mail Bumradish. I check the Radishings regularly (gotta keep up with the latest dimensions). Please, only if you can spare the items and not too extravagantly. Don’t deprive yourselves of what you might need later.

      • Im sorry to hear of this radish, im glad we at least have the Screenshots to help remember it (R.I.P RI&M 1.0) i look forward to RI&M 2.0 and if i can help let me know the radish of faeblight.

  5. Dearest Radish, I am horrified such a thing could happen without a warning. If you need anything I have an entire 4 page guildbank dedicated to Dimension items on Icewatch and your welcome to any of it.
    Huge Hugs and Many Cookies, Dragondancer

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