9 comments on “An Invitation to Cake and Artichokes

  1. Very well done. I’ll have to bring my shard tourist there to check it out in person. I love when players take scale into account. Dwarven homes should feel cozy and small to those of taller heights. When I made a dwarven home, I asked a Bahmi to come and test my doorways to make sure they were still able to enter, but they said it was a little cramped inside.

  2. How flattering to be featured! And how awkward that I JUST (hours ago) moved Emerald to Faeblight for a spell, to play in her house with some old Faeblight friends! (in fact, this very post was pointed out to my by a snarkish Faeblighter who recognized the cottage as he’d just toured it last night!) Please do feel free to visit, but under the temporary home of Olive@Faeblight, under the same name of Bristlecone Cottage. Thanks again, Radish!

  3. Oh wow that looks wonderful. I have long wished to see someone use the small outbuildings at Necropolis and this looks terrific. Thanks for featuring this dimension and I’ll take a look tonight!

    • Anneleigh, you have a great memory! My other cottage is listed as Briarwood Cottage, under Holly’s name, and I still remember you sending me a sweet message after visiting it. Amusingly, Emerald’s cottage only came to be because I thought I might like to work up fishing for my less-played Greybriar girls and then needed something to do with the piles of long workbenches I’d fished up in the process! Thanks again for your kind words regarding both homes! 🙂

  4. I visited last night and this dimension is awesome. I recognized all the long workbenches and thought you did a terrific job using them cleverly.

    Mostly I love the clever architecture for the houses using logs. I have no idea how long it might have taken me to come up with that idea and you put it together just very elegantly and well. Seeing it all together seems just so obvious and yet you were the one to see and implement it.

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