5 comments on “Joy Of Dimensions Winners Announced

  1. I whole heartedly agree Kits place is fabulous and has set the bar to a new higher standard.
    Congratulations Kit
    Hugs and Cookies

  2. Thanks bunches. As always a beautiful blog.
    I am going to say this here because I know I wont get trolled here. Though I am excited and happy I won. My heart hurts alot. I feel for everyone who put their heart and soul into this and didn’t win. When I look at all your dimensions my tummy gets knots.
    When I started this contest all I thought was how much I wanted to win. Towards the end I realized what a community we had become, how we were all becoming friends with out ever talking. I no longer cared if I won or lost I had already gotten the best prize of all. New friends.
    Not just new friends ones I wanted to see win ones I voted for and cheered for every time they bumped up a slot. I found I was watching you all move more then caring if i did. More then thank you for the congratulations. Thank you for being part of game life.

  3. A very big congratulations to you Kitasia! I went in to have a look the other day and it is amazing. Very neat building, no ugly overlaps, everything with detail and balanced throughout. I understand what you mean about being excited but stressed though. Some of the less friendly comments in threads coming from some acidic people upset me as well on top of that. But I think you getting Grand Prize is totally deserved!
    I am a bit confused though, about the third place thing, Radish? I was checking each day and I seemed to be pretty fixed in third place for the last week or so of the competition after Lyx rose to second. There certainly wasn’t a last day surge or anything, as far as I know.

    • I remember ~Sweethearts~ overtaking you toward the end. I’m willing to concede that I may have been wrong. As a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome sufferer, my brain can get foggy and confused and my brain was definitely foggy around that time.

      I’m pleased you made third place, though (Greybriar pride!). Are you wearing your architect title yet?

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