6 comments on “New Dimensions In Patch 2.2

  1. Did they change the price? They were 40 plat to buy on Friday. Thanks for the write-up, Radish.

    I think both dimensions have a wintery feel and could spark some really creative ideas for winter themed dimensions.

      • I played around some more on the PTS and discovered a couple things that tipped me in favor of A. Carnos: The terrace area below the plaza is almost full width and above it is a quite wide architectural strip that could be useful as well. I think the biggest challenge of A. Carnos will be disguising the debris fields in the houses. I found that the main plaza area terraces nicely, so with ramps or stairs there are three horizontal playfields, which opens up a lot of possibility.

        As a warning to others checking out the lower terrace of A. Carnos, there is a gaping “hole” in the surface almost as soon as you get to it from jumping down off the ramp. You can’t get out any other way than exiting the dimension, so just a heads up until they fix it.

        Which one do you like, Radish?

      • Now that’s a good question. I can see advantages to both. Kestrel’s Cry calls to me to build a log cabin in the snow. Carnos Plaza doesn’t speak to me yet. I’ve put feedback in to remove some of the rubble, especially in the homes. Seems a shame we have to waste items trying to disguise too much rubble.

        Eventually I’ll buy both to play with, I just know I will. Somebody start a 12 step programme.

  2. Played around some more on the PTS. Adding snow items from the winter festival really doesn’t work in either of these two dimensions; it’s too white compared to the color saturation in the environments. Kind of weird.

    Between the two of them, I’ve come up with more building blocks added to my wishlist, like bronze and copper metal tiles and snow-covered boards.

  3. I would love to make a snow based dimension and I like that they’ve chosen a space without buildings, but until we have a fair amount more building blocks and the ability to either switch off snow particles or have them cancelled by walls kinda like light is (though even light has issues… humm) I don’t think I’ll be spending a lot of time making one yet. I think because of the way dimensions work, starting a new one or changing one you already have is quite the undertaking.

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