4 comments on “A Sneak Peek At Halls Of Shaping?

  1. If you are right, I guess I don’t get why these are level 25 guild halls. Or said differently, why level 25 guild halls would be special.

    They are very limited in space, options and atmosphere, especially as compared to dimensions like Shoreward Island and Dormant Core. I expected the level 25 guild offerings to be vast and spacious, sparking tons of creative possibilities. Neither of these seem that way based on your pics and descriptions.

    Just my two cents.

    • One large chamber would suit many who’d love the opportunity to add their stamp to a pre-built area. People who love the challenge of building in Breach Chamber and Empyrean Mill will relish these two guild dimensions. They are magnificent indoor spaces.

      The Halls of Shaping and Golem Foundry offer the same challenges, which is limiting. I know I like areas with outdoor spaces as well as inside spaces. I want to spread outwards as well as up. Are you the same, Jaed?

      St[ll, it’s a moot point for many of us – when will we get the opportunity to build a level 25 guild dimension :)?

      • Yep I think so, Radish. I did build a fun dimension in Breach Chamber and I appreciate how the challenges of limitation can really spark creative ideas. But I prefer space and light and a dynamic environment. I appreciate your response, as it provides an opportunity to engage other perspectives.

  2. I love you!

    As a dwarf in an all dwarf guild, we’ve been dreaming of this dimension for .. well, since it was announced. I wonder if it might include the hall further down the corridor (between this area you have shown and the underground area) If not, then it will be fine as it is.

    I too wish there was something outside for those people who want it, but I can’t think of what they would be. I can’t make a suggestion. Also, is it just the number of items these dimension can old that makes them level 25 worthy? I don’t see much more space than stonefield, for example.

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