5 comments on “Sneak Peak at the Golem Foundry?

  1. Hmm. If this is Golem Foundry, I think I’m surprised it’s so similar to Plaza Aurentine. Not sure what I would have expected instead, but one huge interior space is pretty challenging. Any guild picking up Tuldio has a half a +1 already in my book.

    • Golem Foundry is an SL dungeon. You can see it anytime by heading to either the normal or expert version of it. Yes, the style is similar to Plaza Aurentine, but this isn’t a surprise if you’ve at least walked into the dungeons (and I suppose are lvl 56+, not hard to get).
      I find one large room actually very easy to work with, even if the lack of exterior can be a little disappointing. You merely have to creatively divide up the room into smaller rooms and multiple floors. The item count is decidedly less than building outer walls yourself, and depending on how you do the stairs and balcon(ies) you can get some really amazingly impressive results.

      I’m not a fan of Tuldio at all, because the best features of the place either have a great view of a green wall or were not included in the dimension. Also, while you can use the center under the orb, I have yet to see anyone do so in a manner that doesn’t result in a sloppy look.

      • Tuldio is a difficult space. When I have a spare 3000 I plan to acquire this dimension and see what I can do with it. Most solutions I’ve seen cover up the space and turn it into something else. I often wonder if the odd area is because of the unfinished buildings at the back of the building. It’s such a shame that the lower plaza is not included, it would have made that dimension more usable.

        Not all dimensioneers are level 50 yet, nor does the instance show what the space would be like without it’s usual furniture, so this may be the only chance some have to see the dimension till the first guilds reach 25.

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