6 comments on “Going to the Chapel and …

  1. Can’t wait to get my hands on these!

    Last Friday’s live stream, they said that for all those who subscribe to Riftwatch, there will be a code to get some of the wedding items free for Valentine’s Day.

    • Wedding cake and present pile reflect the Christmas giveaways nicely. I love the colour set in the wedding items and wonder if I can make a wedding dress more spectacular than my dancing lady.

      Ooh I feel a wedding dimension coming on…

  2. I love that they are doing this. I had heard that you can buy a marriage ceremony for anywhere in Telara (the wedding previews video showed images of people getting married on the coast of freemarch for example) But I’ve yet to see it happen in game. Well, no, the blackwood company (faeblight) had a wedding in their dimension, but it was no the same type of ceremony where you are prompted to do specific things and are designated spouse of the sun or moon.

    I would like to see the actual ceremonies attach to some dimension items. it would be HARD to code, I’m sure, but purchasing, and placing, a specific altar (not the one shown, but exactly the same but coded differently) will spawn an NPC who will conduct the ceremony wherever you like.

    Plus, then you could get the attend a wedding achievement for attending player driven weddings too.

    As for this batch of items.. love the candles and the bench. I hope these are guild hall placeable.

  3. Ok, what’s Riftwatch? Rather, which Riftwatch to subscribe to? Could someone post a link? There are quite a number of Riftwatch sites.

    Radish, thanks so much for posting these so those of us not on the PTR can scope them out. There is a ton of potential for all of them!

  4. Jaed, go to Rift’s website, log in, you should see a bar with options. One of them says NEWSLETTERS. If you click that it brings up 3 check boxes. The first is for Riftwatch. If you subscribe, you get a monthly email with Rift info. You also get special promotions occasionally like the fae yule candy canes for the dimensions. Hope this helped!

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