25 comments on “Vote Here for Reader Dimensions

    • Looks like I should add some more info, seeing everyone elses posts here :). This dimension is PlanEscape feat. The Skelebones on the Greybriar server. Thank you to anyone who has voted for me and continues too. I really appreciate it

  1. Stargate dimension is on Greybriar. Featuring an original Stargate and DHD design, it also includes a multilevel house with 1 bedroom and bath, reading, dining and lounge areas and complete kitchen. Travel down to a mid-level social den, and further to a downstairs sports bar complete with pool table, “rift” style darts, bowling lane and a long bar with lakeview frontage. Part the curtains next to the bowling lane to find a cozy hot tub.

    Vote here at: https://apps.facebook.com/rift_joyofdimensions/contests/311586/voteable_entries/64227774

    riftdimension.com featured this dimension, awarding it’s Engineer title, and created a walk-through video that can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=i92xsS8DSAU

    Thanks for your support and votes!

  2. I built Ship Ahoy! on Shatterbone. I bought Shoreward Island and ignored the existing structures and land in favor of an explorable ship and small dock on the shore. I think I must have been a pirate in an earlier incarnation. You can walk the plank and swab the deck among other tthings. Here’s the link : http://apps.facebook.com/rift_joyofdimensions/contests/311586/voteable_entries/64415998

    I have a video on YouTube, if you are curious but don’t have a toon on my shard. Here’s the link: http://youtu.be/zmRFAbqz7io. Good luck everybody!

  3. I woke my fiancee up by accident at 6 am this morning when I saw. When I yeehawed so loud it scared the neighbor dogs. Since none of my real life friends or family other then him have voted. I didn’t even thinking I would come so close. They think games are stupid and for a mom of 2 grown children I should be making quilts or something.
    I didn’t even make fake facebook accounts… Believe me I thought about it. All I wanted was in the top 20. Of coarse what I really wanted was the fae cages. However they said they were unreleased items . So I am still happy with the top 20 and i see most of my favorites are in the top 20. I believe yours and Elegance art gallery should be above mine.
    I wish they had a couple of second and third place winners in different categorys.

  4. Hey ya’s! I have loved dimensions since Beta but unfortunately on live servers rep, rank, gear and ISS grinding took precedent. I wish I had’ve known about the competition sooner but I did manage to build one and put it up a couple of days ago. I have learned my lesson remembering where my passions lie most and that’s in the building! Its been great looking at all of yours and voting.

    Facebook: https://apps.facebook.com/rift_joyofdimensions/contests/311586/voteable_entries/64820134

    Oh I made a youtube this morning first time ever also: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IT076nFxJ9Y

    All the best!

  5. Today is the final day of voting. I have viewed all your entries and/or visited your dimensions in puppet-person. They are fantastic amd I have voted almost every day. Good luck, everybody! You are all Dimension Gurus in my book!

    • Thank you for your support. This competition has been an interesting exercise. I’m pleased so many good and competent dimensions floated their way to the top. I’m rather hoping the pages of dimensions won’t disappear. I’d love to search through them for interesting places when I have the time.

  6. Congratulations to the winners and fantastic job everyone!

    I voted for you everyday. This contest has been great for helping quickly build a community of passionate dimensioneers and I really appreciate that about all of us.

  7. Thanks to all who voted in the Trion contest for my Dimension Winter Wonderland by Kathy on Threesprings server.

    And a special Thank you to The Stylish Radish for creating the fun Valentines Challenge, where I was able to show off Dralina’s Snuggle Hollow.

    It was really exciting to see the results of so many creative people.The addition of Dimension building has brought a whole new level of excitement to a really fun game.

    I hope the Holiday challenges continue, inspiring us to new levels of imagination and creativity.

  8. Many Grats to the winners you are all awesome!!!!

    Hugs and Cookies

    Dragondancer: Elegance Art Gallery, Shadowdance: Granny’s Pantry, Arwenna: Volcano Lake, Amazonite: Dragoneye Tower, Victorienna: The Proposal, Black Pantheon(1 man Guild)Lilacs Castle, Dimensioneer: Fairy Tales.

  9. Just a quick, huge gratz to Kitasia for winning the grand prize in the Trion contest for her Sweethearts dimension.

  10. Thank you all for partaking in our little community. It seems The Joy of Dimensions was a success with some very interesting and lovely dimensions winning. (Or more informally, big grats to Wry, Kumberlin and Kitasia for their win!)

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