22 comments on “Does Trion Disappoint?

  1. Nice post! You hit it right on the head! A comment I have is there is, I feel, another problem with the contest. It is the fact that guild dimensions and individual dimensions are all in the same category. A Guild dimension will mostly look better just because A) A LOT more item space and space to build in and B)Multiple creative ideas, lots of funding, and item gathering from multiple guild members to make it look good. This really unbalances the individual dimensions because they are much more limited with what can be done. If anything I would have two different categories, so those with smaller dimensions will not feel overwhelmed by the splendor of the guild dimensions. Just a thought!

    • Addendum: Perhaps the contest should be split into additional categories other than Guild vs Individual for the very same reasons, larger item limit dimensions tend to look better (though some smaller ones are pretty spectacular from what I’ve seen) Maybe a category for particular sizes, like 500, 760, 1000. I understand that would take a lot of management and resources, but a least it would be more fair to fit each person’s pockets (I for one have a difficult time making plat so I can really only afford some of the smaller ones.)

      • Guild versus personal dimension is a whole other kettle of fish! I’m not sure multiple creative ideas are an advantage or a hindrance, but good points about funding and crafting.

  2. I feel disappointed too!
    I really enjoy building dimensions but I don’t feel motivated to enter the so called competition. The title you get from entering is not even what I want to be called. I think I’m more than a “decorator”. My dimensions is an expression of myself. They reflect the joy I have for creating new and amazing things. They show my love for the nature and life itself. In them I even create the puzzles and riddles that I so much enjoy solving myself.

    It’s sad that the Joy gets shadowed by Disappointment.

    Thank you Radish

  3. I agree and I am one of the people “in the top five” I dont like the system they have in place for voting. I dont like that it is 1 out of game and 2 set for people who dont even play the game. I also hate that I have to ask people to go to a social site unrelated to the game just to vote, and that it can be done DAILY! I think that dimensions should all be in one list not by shard too. that would also make in game competitions easier to run and manage. And help to form a stronger dimension community takeing out the need to make many alts on diffrent shards to see others works.I hope that they dont run future dimension contest like this. that being said though I am and will be working as hard as I can to get votes so I can get them to look at my dimension in hopes that I get to help pick the next dimension so that I am in direct contact with them. Because all I want is to be able to talk to them about things that need to be added to the dimension tool set and hope that they listen.

    Ps. not sure I like the Sugestion that by being in the most votes box that a dimension lacks merit…I do agree that both boxs should be gone and it just be a random on the vote page.

    • It was not my intention to suggest that the entries in the most votes box lacked merit. Rather my intention was to suggest that they are gathering votes by position as well as by popularity or merit.

      Nor is popularity an immediate dismissal of merit. Popular people become so by hard work and either competency in a field of endevour or sweetness of nature. Very popular people often have both qualities. Competency in one area translates well into other areas, like dimension building.

      If my article to implies that the top ten lack merit then I can only apologise to them. It was not my intention.

      On another note, went to your dimension last night. I felt I was in an Indiana Jones movie. Loved your idea of what to do with a failed dimension engineer.

  4. Great post. I’m feeling the disappointment but trying to not let it get me down.

    I spent some time fishing this past weekend and feel your pain re inventory issues. Hard to believe Trion didn’t consider the impact of highly desireable soulbound items on the need for more storage somewhere. I’m thinking that’s a whoops and hopefully they are working on a plan to implement added storage in dimensions or bank vaults or something. I won’t be able to do much more fishing until they do, and that makes me very sad.

    Re the contest, I totally agree with your arguments and your suggestions. Those of us who had to create a Facebook account just for this contest (and there are many) are at an immediate disadvantage because of timing and nonexistent FB networks. I never expected my submission to win but I did expect it to be competitive. And it’s not, because I don’t have 100 friends on my FB page to send over to vote. I do hope Trion sees some good marketing results from the contest but as far as the Dimensions community is concerned, it’s mostly meh.

  5. I live for building dimensions, even being the main architect of our guild dimension…. and the two topics up for debate in this post have pushed some hotbuttons in my feelings towards this aspect of the game.

    Everyone who knows me knows I’m a dwarf, and have been crying for a moonshade dimension since they announced the dimension system as a “coming with storm legion.” However, the pretty moonshade items are all BOP. That would be fine, except to combat my moonshade homesickness, I’ve sort of developed our guild dimension to look like the green hills of my favorite zone. I can’t plant the pretty cherry trees, I can’t place the pretty gazeebo, I can’t replace the red velvet chairs with the chairs that are more dwarven. All of these are BOP… even though I’m a guild leader.

    I agree that they need to limit the profit made by the fishing bots. Except, as Radish, and so many on the forums, has pointed out, bots are simply selling the rep-fish to people who try their luck at getting what they want from the boxes. I think they may make LESS of a profit from selling the dimension items directly because the RNG on the boxes makes it so you may have to purchase multipul stacks to get the items from the box you want…. where as a direct purchase is a one time only thing.

    The honest players seem the only one punished in this situation. I find it strange that Trion hasn’t noticed, or addressed, this issue. I know it has only been a week, but the outcry is deafing.

    As for the contest, I don’t agree with the way its being run. It may be good for the company to get the traffic, but the people who truly work hard on their dimension but refuse to buy votes or get random friends to vote for them are at a loss. I think a better way would have been to host it on trion’s website directly, but the utility was already built into facebook. Good for whoever wins, though I don’t know that it was every truly a fair compitition. And good that Trion is picking the grand prize winner rather than the voters.

  6. All of the negative comments make me feel bad to be in the lead. Maybe I don’t deserve to win, as there are some really spectacular dimensions out there. However, I have seen lots of negative comments about the “top five” implying we are doing something wrong. Maybe some are but….I personally am not.

    I don’t cheat. I don’t have a million friends on facebook. I have posted on my facebook and not a single friend of mine has voted, only my husband and kids who also play Rift or other games. (I guess they are the only ones that understand why anyone would care about winning virtual objects.) I don’t buy votes (I have seen people who do and even shard hop to do it!) Yes, the people who entered first had a chance at more votes but the voting didn’t start until there were several pages of entries. I was the third person who entered which made my entry on the very last page as new entries show first. To me, that was a disadvantage.

    I agree that they should be displayed randomly. I also think there should be a search feature as you have to search through pages to find specific dimensions. There are a lot of things that could have, should have been different about this contest.

    I want to win this as badly as everyone else who actually spent time to decide exactly where to sit that green potion bottle in their dimension or take the time to line up their elven table just perfectly to make a window.

    I visit other shards on level 1 alts to admire people’s work. I have spoken to many of you as you have been in your dimension decorating. When you asked me what I thought of something or needed a suggestion, I gladly and honestly offered assistance. Not once did I say who I was or ask you to vote for me. I have voted for lots of other dimensions that I think are really well done.

    Sorry this got long. My feelings got hurt between the negative comments on the forums and now a whole blog. I wish everyone good luck and will continue to visit to see what people are creating next!

    I made enough plat to buy my second dimension (Stone Flask Tavern) and am decorating that on an alt. Unfortunately I am going to have to take her and teach her how to fish! I am hoping Trion realizes that was a big mistake to make the items bop. Until then, I will either be fishing or decorating.

    • Aw hunnie. Sorry you felt personally hurt by this. The blanket statment doesn’t mean everyone does those things, but many of them do. It’s the one bad apple thing that hurts the good honest builders.

      Congrats on your entry and I hope your honesty and craftsmanship propels you to victory.

    • yea i was a bit hurt as well but oh well I know at the end of the day that people like my work and have been inspired by it. So ill just keep on going and keep shareing with others and Gl to you Though im shooting for your spot 🙂 the people on my shard are prob sick of hearing from me … dang shatterbone is to small 😛

  7. Thank you Anneleigh and Chris. I let it get to me and it probably shouldn’t.

    My server (Deepwood) is sick of all of us and wishes the contest was over. I can’t stand it that it goes clear ’til the 12th! I am driving my husband nuts! He gave me some of his plat so I could get Stone Flask and occupy myself with a new project!

    Good luck to all of us! That is the fun thing about dimensions, we all have different ideas and styles and it sure is fun to share!

    • Thank you, Kumberlin, for posting your experience at the top of the voting list. It’s an excellent reminder that, in an unfair contest, everyone is negatively affected, entrants and winners alike. It’s sad that you and Chris are having your enjoyment of the competition spoiled by negative comments. Just remember that it is Trion who have made a mess with the running of the competition, not you or the other top entrants.

      As for not deserving to win, I would take a friend into most of the dimensions in the top 10 and say ‘this is a great example of dimensions’, yours and Chris’ included.

  8. yea this competition is really burning me out… been working as hard as i can to get people voteing But i cant keep up with the voteing system they have in place.. >< Makes me really sad :/

  9. As a dimension lover and one of the “top five” (mine is Enoki, which has a paltry 500 item limit that is driving me crazy… never again will I choose a small base dimension!) I agree wholeheartedly that the voting process could be much, much better. I even commented as such to Trion when the competition was first posted that the competition would become a Facebook popularity and spam contest… but they chose not to reply.
    That said, I’m glad I’m currently coming second, if I do end up placing in the end (and as Kumberlin posted, the comp runs so long!) I’ll be sure to ask Trion up front to increase item limits and change the way the in game +1 system works, as imho it has the same issue the Facebook competition has… if you create a most voted category, people will go straight for it and those who placed on the list on the first day, deserving or not, will generally stay there. I know on my server (Greybriar) my Enoki Lounge is nowhere near the top of the +1 list, and so besides the occasional nudge in 60 chat, nobody gets to see it. When people *do* come in, they always vote it up, but it’s not enough to break the cycle. Some kind of decay or shuffle is needed, I think.
    I’ve also seen people paying for votes and spamming every channel constantly. Part of me wonders if I should do the same to keep the playing field level, but ugh. No. I even had a friend of mine jokingly say in 60 chat I bought her vote as she knew I was so adamant against it… I wanted to kick her! Hah.

    I am interested to hear what other people would choose as the new dimension. I mentioned to Bumradish that I’d choose the chunk with towers, bridge and the underground complex in north east IPP if I did win… a lot of potential, I think, especially for vertical building up along the towers.

    Also, I agree that guild and personal votes should be seperate. Seeing a dimension with a 1500 item limit compared to my tiny, compact one makes me wince.

  10. Eh, that ended up very rambling. My point is, whoever wins, I hope they use that temporary pedestal to communicate with Trion about some of the trickier aspects of Dimensions. I do love what they’ve provided us with, to be sure… but improvement is always desired.

    Imagine being able to dye dimension items! Imagine being able to place spawn points, or create (a limited amount of) NPCs to fill our homes! Moving doors or placeable water! Different weather “coatings” for all dimensions? A +1 system that gives some fairness and variety, or the ability to “save” your old dimension while making a new one… stop me before I give the devs a heart attack. 😉

  11. Wry, if I win, I too plan to try and tell Trion some things I think would be an improvement to Dimension artists!

    When I first started looking at dimensions, I would go to the top +1 dimensions because I thought those must be the best. Sometimes they were good, sometimes I was left wondering if I missed something. I began to do random which sometimes yielded a gem but more often than not gave me a Sanguine or Warden’s with 2 items in it. What I do now…because I must be certifiable…is choose one dimension I am going to visit. By this I mean for example, today I will visit Stone Flask Tavern. I type that into the search, hit alphabetize by owner, and beginning at the top, I visit every Stone Flask that is listed. I can usually tell by the item count when I zone in if I need to walk any farther in than the zone in. This is time consuming, but has given me the opportunity to not only see some truly amazing dimensions, but I have made many friends this way. Sometimes the owner is there decorating. Sometimes they are online and I send them a message. My friends list has become nice and plump from doing this!

    Now, as far as where I would choose for the new dimension if I should happen to win….I would actually like some input from other builders. Here are my thoughts so far:

    Rockstrewn Acres in Moonshade – cute little village that reminds me of the shire. Con-none of the houses are able to go ihto.

    Three Springs in Moonshade – I actually love this and when I look at it, I can already see things I would do. I would ask for this to be a big dimension to encompass the village and down to the water for some land/water area. I like dimensions with indoor and outdoor areas. It lets those like me who are frugal about their item count and would rather make “things” and decorate have a structure already built to decorate. It also gives those who like to build from the ground up lots of outdoors to do it.

    Grey Gardens in Moonshade again – pretty pretty pretty with cherry trees, fountains, lots of area for landscaping. No pre-built structures so everything would have to be built.

    Gloamwood Cottage – Creepy old house! I probably wouldn’t choose this one but if it ever came up, I can see an alt buying it!

    Whitefall in IPP- a whole little village with the inn and those little roundish buildings to build in. Some outdoor space for those who like to build outside. And a snow dimension, which we don’t have. It was pointed out to me that PvPers see Whitefall all the time so they might not like it.

    Anyway, so far I am leaning more towards Moonshade locations. If anyone has thoughts of good placs, let me know and I’ll go take a look. I haven’t been everywhere in Rift so I am sure I am missing some pretty spots.

  12. Personally I would prefer a clearer building space. The villages are lovely but they’re already very “complete” and unless you covered a lot of it up it would end up feeling like you’re just adding details to something already made. Personally I prefer a blank slate, which is why I’ve made my own rooms in my dimension, which unfortunately takes a lot of item space. Two of my favourite settings are Vengeful Sky and Dormant Core, as they leave all building up to the owner. But each to their own!
    If they did hollow out all of the houses, though, it would be more interesting. I do agree that it would be great to have a snow or ice-based dimension.

    As for cruising Dimensions, I go by personal referral. I hardly even look at the list. If a friend of mine says, “hey, this _____ is really cool” I will pop in immediately, and more often than not they have very few +1s, which is a great shame.

  13. Frankly, the contest was a HUGE let down. Sure, the top ones were ok. But that’s all.. just o-um-k. There were some positively superb dimensions in the shards that didn’t even get recognized. Hate Facebook deal. I personally did not enter the contest, because I knew right away how it would be handled. Trion reminded me of a 12 year old trying to get friends on myspace. geeze.

    And the top winners obviously pulled many ideas from looking at others’ dimensions. Did either even give credit where credit was due? Of course not.

    Furthermore, the devs were extremely unprofessional in the live stream. Made me quit the game. It’s run by a bunch of younger idiots who know nothing of how to keep adult consumers.

    Enjoy the game, the dimensions and all they have to (not) offer. I’m just waiting for Elder Scrolls Online. 😀

  14. I would like to see 1 vote per dim per account, to be able to have someone in your dim that’s not in guild, friends that you can right click on them to give them editing rights (type of editing as well) an till they leave the dim or you turn it off also dim item loading bartender should load last so your bartender is where you out it.

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