3 comments on “The Joy of Dimensions: Trion’s Contest

  1. I would love to enter this, but the fact that voting and entry is via facebook, and that people can essentially buy votes, make me worry about the validty of the contest.

    Radish? I have to ask, do you know if these items are coming with a later patch and these people just get them for free? And the new dimension – obviously coming with a future patch for everyone. So the winner gets mostly bragging rights and gets to save some plat.

    Whoever wins, can I put in my recomendation for a moonshade dimension PLEASE.

    • Not everybody wants their real name associated with their account. Facebook will prevent a few people from entering for sure.

      I don’t know about the dimension item prizes but it would surprise me if they weren’t available in the next patch. Some will be common and some rare. Likely the rarest is for 1st place. You’ve already noted the popularity part gets bragging rights and dimension items, the only prize with real world value is picked by Trion, not by popular vote.

      Contests where the general public vote are always popularity contests and this is as valid as any. The general public aren’t duty bound or trained to put their personal biases aside like a judge is.

      I promise you, Annaleigh, if I have choosing rights for the next dimension I will seriously consider Moonshade :).

  2. I love messing with dimensions, BUT i despise the ones that are BoP!!. I’d like to mail to my alts or even put an item in my good friends Dimension. I vote for freeing up the dimension items and no mo soulbound ON dimension items ever. and yes considering the lake and where to put 10 fishing boats yes Moonshade would be a good Dimension area.

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